The Net Worth of JK Rowling 2022: How Rich is Harry Potter Writer JK Rowling?

How Rich is Harry Potter Writer JK Rowling

Net Worth of JK Rowling: Before JK Rowling began to swing the pen, sorcerers’ apprentices led an unspectacular existence. It was only with the stories about the Hogwarts student Harry Potter that the public learned of the turbulent training for witches and wizards. 

JK Rowling Net Worth

ESTIMATED INCOME 2021$65 Million
Birthdate31 July 1965 (age 56)
Born inYate / England
Marital statusmarried to Neil Murray (since 2004)
JobAuthor, entrepreneur
Full nameJoanne Rowling
NicknameJo, JK
Children3 (Jessica Arantes, David Murray, Mackenzie Murray)

How Rich is Harry Potter Writer JK Rowling?

The speed with which the Harry Potter books sold and at times made their author a billionaire is also bordering on witchcraft. The title hero has now gone down in the annals of children’s books – and is worth 15 billion dollars as a global brand.

Within a few years, JK Rowling wrote herself to be a multimillionaire. The total proceeds from her book sales alone were put at over 330 million euros in 2012, so she is unchallenged in her home country.

In addition, there are the marketing rights for the Harry Potter figure. Forbes valued her fortune at $ 1 billion in 2004, but Rowling denied it. We stick with our estimate in the Sunday Times, which puts the net worth of JK Rowling at $1 billion

The Road to an Author’s Greatest Fortune

The years before Harry Potter

The future JK Rowling was born Joanne Rowling on July 31, 1965, in Yate, UK, near Bristol. Already in her childhood, she wrote fantasy stories that she read to her sister Dianne. In her later, professional publications, characters are based on people or experiences from childhood.

Rowling studied French and Classical Studies at the University of Exeter; a year as an English teacher took me to Paris. Various office activities followed at the end of the 1980s, including for Amnesty International in London. In 1991 she accepted a job at an English school in Porto, Portugal. 

In 1992 she married the Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes but separated from him a year later and the divorce took place in 1994. In December 1993 she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland with her 1-year-old daughter – three Harry Potter chapters in her suitcase.

By 1995 Rowling had written her first book ” Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone “. The legendary glorification of the rise from a single mother with social assistance to a bestselling author comes from that time. 

In fact, Rowling was unemployed and suffered from depressive states. The publisher Bloomsbury Publishing finally brought out the debut in 1997 with an edition of 1,000 copies, half of them as library copies.

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” – the facts

  • As an advance from Bloomsbury, Rowling received the equivalent of a little more than 2,000 euros.
  • The first editions of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” are now traded antiquarian between 25,000 and 35,000 euros.
  • After her first work, Rowling received a scholarship from the Scottish Arts Council in 1997 to be able to continue writing, amounting to around 11,000 euros.
  • In Germany, Carlsen Verlag published the novel in 1997 with a print run of 8,000 copies.
  • In 1998 the American publisher Scholastic Inc. secured the publication rights for around 94,000 euros.

Record sales

Already in 1998, the author presented the successor “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, in Germany the book was published in 1999. But only with the third (“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”) and fourth part (“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ”) about the adventures of the student of magic, did its inventor become a worldwide bestseller.

The latter was published on July 8, 2000, and sold over 370,000 books on the first day in the UK, with a circulation of 1 million and 3.8 million in the US.

Harry Potter as a “Global Brand”

To date, 7 Harry Potter books have been published and translated into more than 70 languages, which concludes the series for the time being. However, the author does not categorically rule out further stories. In 2000 Rowling had sold the marketing rights, including the film rights, to Time Warner. 

Not least because of the total of 8 film adaptations (grossing: around 6 billion euros), Harry Potter became a global brand, the value of which is estimated at 15 billion dollars. The website has played an essential role here since 2011, where visitors can, for example, interactively experience the adventures of the budding magician.

Of course, there is also a shop that offers e-books and audiobooks. The marketing strategy behind the portal – regardless of what is happening in the publishing house – ensures international attention.

What Does The K in Joanne K. Rowling Stand For?

The “K” stands for Kathleen, which was the name of Joanne’s grandmother. The reason why the author appeared under the pseudonym JK was the book publisher’s fear that the first Harry Potter part would not appeal to young lads if it was written by a woman. 

So the idea came up to introduce a second letter and thus to disguise the gender of the author. At that time Jo decided on the K from her grandmother. The author name JK Rowling was born.

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