10. Bellcore.com – March 5, 1986

This domain name was taken by Bell Communications Research, a company that now Telcordia Technologies, Inc. is called.

The company specialized in researching and developing telecommunications and was founded after it broke off from the large telecommunications company AT&T. The domain of this company is no longer active today. Could they have forgotten to pay for their cheap web hosting?

9. Hp.com – March 3, 1986

You probably know HP as the company that makes laptops, printers, scanners, and computers. It is not surprising that a company in this industry registered one of the first domain names in the world.

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In 1986, the company registered hp.com, where a homepage was created to promote the company’s printers, desktops, and scanners. The company is still active, so it’s not surprising that the website can still be visited. That makes hp.com one of the oldest websites in the world.

8. Sri.com – January 17, 1986

Sri.com is a website developed by the Stanford Research Institute. This institute conducts research in biomedical science, chemistry, computer science, space science, and much more. A tech-savvy institute also needed its own website, which is why sri.com was registered in 1986. The institute still exists today, so you can still visit the website.

7. Xerox.com – January 9, 1986

Xerox printers and scanners have been world-famous for decades. It is therefore not surprising that this company soon registered its own domain name to promote its products and services.

The Xerox.com website was built in 1986 and is still active today. That was to be expected because the company is seen as the inventor of a number of well-known technological gadgets. For example, Xerox is the inventor of the computer mouse and we owe desktops to this company.

6. Northrop.com – 7 November 1985

The northrop.com website was owned by Northrop Corporation, an aircraft manufacturing company in the United States. The B-2 Spirit strategic bomber is one of the brand’s greatest successes.

In 1994, the company merged with the Grumman company, changing the name to Northrop Grumman. This made the old domain obsolete. You can no longer reach the website, but the domain does not appear to be for sale either.

5. Mcc.com – 11 July 1985

This domain was the home page of the company Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, also known as MCC. It was the first and at the time the largest computer research and development company in the United States.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the company had to cease operations, and the website is no longer in use. The domain name can be bought, but you have to pay about 1 million dollars for that because it is a valuable domain.

4. Think.com – May 24, 1985

Think.com was owned by Thinking Machines Corporation, a company that specialized in developing supercomputers. The company was initially very successful and so needed a website to put itself even more on the map. Unfortunately, the success was short-lived, as Thinking Machines Corporation went bankrupt in 1994.

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The website is therefore no longer active, but the domain does not appear to have been sold. The sin of course. Tip from us, make sure you have good reseller hosting and put that domain back online!

3. Bbn.com – 24 April 1985

The company BBN is behind this domain name, which is short for Bolt, Berane, and Newman. It is an American technology company that provides research and development services. The US military, among others, is a customer of this company, which makes it clear that it is a big name.

The official website of the company BBN now has a different domain name, but the old domain name still works. As soon as you surf bbn.com, you will be redirected to the correct website.

2. Symbolics.com – March 15, 1985

Symbolics.com has a special place in history books. This is the first domain name registered by a commercial company. The website is also still active, making it the oldest functioning website on the internet. The website was initially used by Symbolics Computer Corporation, which invented the lisp machine.

The company no longer exists, but the website is still being kept up and running. The domain was bought by a group of investors who saw money in owning the oldest, functioning website in the world.

1. Darpa.net – January 1, 1985

As soon as it became possible to register your own domain name, DARPA was immediately involved. This is the abbreviation for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a division of the United States military that is responsible for developing new techniques.

The department immediately registered six different domain names: .net, .org, .gov, .edu, .mil, and .arpa. DARPA.mil is currently the active website of the department. Darpa.net is used by another company and the other four domain names are no longer active today.

Screenshots are from the Wayback Machine. This dates back to 1997. So these are not the oldest versions of the oldest domains.