The Prize Money For The Darts World Championship 2022 – PDC Darts World Championship

TOTAL PRIZE MONEY 20222.5Million pounds

That’s how much the dart pros can win at the 2022 World Cup

Prize money for the Darts World Championship: As always, the PDC Darts World Championship is the most prestigious darts tournament of the year. No other tournament has as many spectators as the World Cup and no other tournament pays out such high profits. The prize money for the Darts World Cup 2021 was already a total of 2.5 million pounds (around 2.8 million euros). 

The winner Gerwyn Price alone was allowed to take home a total of 500,000 pounds. There has been no increase in the prize money since 2019 and there will be no prize money increase in 2022 either. 

Will the stars around Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Gary Anderson, Gerwyn Price, or   Mensur Suljovicto be able to have a say this year too? We are looking forward to a great Darts World Cup in 2022.

Darts WM 2022 prize money:

  • Winner: £ 500,000
  • Finalist: £ 200,000
  • Semi-finals: £ 100,000
  • Quarter-finals: £ 50,000
  • Last 16: £ 35,000
  • Last 32: £ 25,000
  • Last 64: £ 15,000
  • Preliminary round: £ 7,500
  • Total distribution: £ 2,500,000

Anyone who throws two “ 9-darters ” during the World Cup – that is, manages the perfect game – should get prize money of £ 100,000 on top. If more than one player actually throws two “9-darters”, the bonus is shared fraternally. In recent years there has already been prize money for a new charter. The PDC wanted to create an additional incentive here. 

James Wade threw the last 9-darter at the World Championships on December 29th, 2020. Before that, it was Gary Anderson on January 2nd, 2016.

Prize Money For The Darts World Championship

World Cup winners and prize money from the last few years: Incidentally, Michael van Gerwen leads the eternal darts prize money ranking in front of the darts legend, Phil Taylor.

Year Prize money (total) Win winner Winner Winning Finalist Finalist
2022£ 2,500,000£ 500,000£ 200,000
2021£ 2,500,000£ 500,000Gerwyn Price£ 200,000Gary Anderson
2020£ 2,500,000£ 500,000Peter Wright£ 200,000Michael van Gerwen
2019£ 2,500,000£ 500,000Michael van Gerwen£ 200,000Michael Smith
2018£ 1,800,000£ 400,000Rob Cross£ 170,000Phil Taylor
2017£ 1,650,000£ 350,000Michael van Gerwen£ 160,000Gary Anderson
2016£ 1,500,000£ 300,000Gary Anderson£ 150,000Adrian Lewis
2015£ 1,250,000£ 250,000Gary Anderson£ 120,000Phil Taylor
2014£ 1,050,000£ 250,000Michael van Gerwen£ 100,000Peter Wright
2013£ 1,000,000£ 200,000Phil Taylor£ 100,000Michael van Gerwen
2012£ 1,000,000£ 200,000Adrian Lewis£ 100,000Andy Hamilton
2011£ 1,000,000£ 200,000Adrian Lewis£ 100,000Gary Anderson
2010£ 1,000,000£ 200,000Phil Taylor£ 100,000Simon Whitlock
2009£ 735,000£ 125,000Phil Taylor£ 60,000Raymond van Barneveld
2008£ 605,000£ 100,000John Part£ 50,000Kirk Shepherd
2007£ 500,000£ 100,000Raymond van Barneveld£ 50,000Phil Taylor
2006£ 500,000£ 100,000Phil Taylor£ 50,000Peter Manley
2005£ 300,000£ 60,000Phil Taylor£ 30,000Mark Dudbridge
2004£ 256,000£ 50,000Phil Taylor£ 25,000Kevin Painter
2003£ 200,000£ 50,000John Part£ 25,000Phil Taylor
2002£ 200,000£ 50,000Phil Taylor£ 25,000Peter Manley
2001£ 124,000£ 33,000Phil Taylor£ 18,000John Part
2000£ 110,000£ 31,000Phil Taylor£ 16,400Dennis Priestley
1999£ 104,000£ 30,000Phil Taylor£ 16,000Peter Manley
1998£ 71,000£ 20,000Phil Taylor£ 10,000Dennis Priestley
1997£ 98,000£ 45,000Phil Taylor£ 10,000Dennis Priestley
1996£ 61,000£ 14,000Phil Taylor£ 7,000Dennis Priestley
1995£ 55,000£ 12,000Phil Taylor£ 6,000Rod Harrington
1994£ 64,000£ 16,000Dennis Priestley£ 8,000Phil Taylor
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