Qatar 2022 World Cup Classified Teams, Dates and Format

We are already fully in 2022 and the new and debatable Qatar 2022 World Cup is already on the horizon. With several national teams already qualified for the event (in which, fortunately, our National Team is included) there are still a good handful of teams (and among them, some important ones) that have to ensure their passage to the final phase of the World Cup event; forced to beat copper with blood, sweat, and tears in the exciting playoffs.

Of all the teams that have not yet secured a ticket to Qatar, two especially stand out: Portugal and Italy; the last two European champions, for whom fate has kept a terrible end, as they would meet in the second round of the playoffs if they passed the first.

In fact, the Azzurra , despite being four times world champion, you know, not long ago, what it means to miss a World Cup event. A new and consecutive loss would be very sad news for the transalpine country and for football, which has to allow itself to host the current Euro champion within the teams qualified for Qatar.

Teams qualified for Qatar 2022

Thus, there are currently 12 classified teams: ten European and two South American; in addition to the team that will participate as a local team, the Qatari team. In this way, this is the list with the 12 classified sets:

Germany UEFA
Belgium UEFA
France UEFA
Spain UEFA
Croatia UEFA
Denmark UEFA
England UEFA
Serbian UEFA
Swiss UEFA
Holland UEFA
Argentina CONMEBOL
Taste Asian Football Confederation

To these 13 teams already classified, we must add the results of the European play-off phase and the last two days of the South American preliminary phase, which is so tough (especially compared to Europe). CONMEBOL’s playoff phase will face its fifth-place finisher, who will play the qualified teams from Asia and Oceania.

Invitations to the Qatar 2022 World Cup by Confederation

CONMEBOL 4 + 1 playoff
CONCACAF 3 + 1 playoff
AFC (Asian) 4 + 1 playoff
CAF (Africa) 5
OFC (Oceania) 1 playoff

Dates of the World Cup Qatar 2022

As everyone knows, the World Cup in Qatar will be very special, since, for the first time in the history of football, the tournament will not be played in summer, but in winter. The reason is more than obvious: the temperatures that are reached this season in the Arab country reach 50º, which would make it impossible to practice football without putting the lives of the footballers at serious risk.

This fact has caused the World Cup to take place between November 21 and December 18, in the following chronological order:

Group stage November 21 – December 2
round of 16 December 3 – December 6
Quarterfinals December 9 – December 10
semifinals December 13 – December 14
Final December 16

Qatar 2022 Format

Given the latest public statements made by the highest spheres in the world of football, including Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, it has already been dropped that this will be the last World Cup with 32 teams, with the following ones having a total of 42 national teams. In this way, the draw to find out in which groups the teams will be drawn will take place on March 31 at the 72nd FIFA Congress, in Doha.

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