Real Madrid Top Scorers Of All Time, Historical Ranking

Real Madrid Top Scorers: These are the players who have scored the most goals with the Real Madrid shirt throughout its history in official competitions: LaLiga, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, Champions League, Europa League, European Super Cup, Club World CupCristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s top scorer

Real Madrid, for many, the greatest club in the world, for others, the greatest club in history, and for many others, the most fearsome football team in the history of European football. The White House is undoubtedly the history of vintage football, of yesterday’s football, and of today’s football.

This, in large part, is thanks to the historical presence of great players and scorers who have taken the Chamartín team to the top. For this reason, today, in Modern Football, we wanted to review the merengue club’s historical scorer tables.

In this way, we will be able to meet the players who have participated in the most golden eras in the history of Real Madrid and the players who have left their permanent mark on the institution of the capital.

Table of All-Time Real Madrid Top Scorers

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s All-Time Top Scorer

1Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese4514389 (2009-2018)
2Raul Gonzalez BlancoSpanish32374116 (1994-2010)
3Alfredo DiStefanoArgentine/Spanish30839611 (1955-1964)
4Karim BenzemaFrench30358613 (2009-Present)
5Charles SantillanaSpanish29064517 (1971-1988)
6Ferenc PuskasHungarian/Spanish2422628 (1958-1966)
7Hugo SanchezMexican2082827 (1985-1992)
8Paco GentoSpanish18260018 (1953-1971)
9PirriSpanish17256116 (1964-1980)
10Emilio ButraguenoSpanish17146312 (1983-1995)
11Amancio AmaroSpanish15547114 (1962-1976)
12Michel GonzalezSpanish13055912 (1984-1996)
13Ferdinand IronSpanish12757914 (1989-2003)
14Manuel Fernandez PahinoSpanish1251435 (1948-1953)
15Gonzalo HiguainFrench/Argentine1212647 (2006-2013)

Active Players in Bold

Historically, the club’s scoring chart has remained more or less similar since the club’s departure of its greatest legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. However, year after year this table continues to be updated thanks to some players from the current squad who try to step strong to sneak into the top scorers in the history of the merengue club.

Among them, we highlight the figure of Karim Benzema, the French striker who was always in the shadow of CR7. However, since the departure of the Portuguese, Gato Benzema has managed to put the team above the men and score a large number of goals, which has allowed him to climb to the top 5 all-time scorers for the white team.

Real Madrid Legends: The Best Real Madrid Players In History Of All Time: Top 10

Unfortunately, it seems that this table will not be changed for a long time, since another of the players in the current squad who has managed to sneak into the top 25 all-time scorers is former captain Sergio Ramos.

Top Scorers for Real Madrid in The Spanish First Division (LaLiga)

1Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese3112929 (2009-2018)
2Raul Gonzalez BlancoSpanish22855016 (1994-2010)
3Alfredo DiStefanoArgentine/Spanish21628211 (1955-1964)
4Karim BenzemaFrench20940513 (2009-Present)
5Charles SantillanaSpanish18646117 (1971-1988)
6Hugo SanchezMexican1642077 (1985-1992)
7Ferenc PuskasHungarian/Spanish1561808 (1958-1966)
8Paco GentoSpanish12842718 (1953-1971)
9Emilio ButraguenoSpanish12334112 (1983-1995)
10PirriSpanish12347116 (1964-1980)

The First Division of Spain has been a competition that has always had great importance in the white house. For this reason, they are the team that has won the most first division trophies in the entire history of Spanish football.

This, in part, is thanks to the scoring contribution of great players who have left the name of the institution high. Among them, of course, we must highlight the best player in the history of the merengue team: Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the 9 seasons that he defended the merengue shirt, he managed to score 311 goals, which places him as the second-highest historical scorer in the entire history of the competition, only behind the scoring records of Leo Messi.

Top Scorers For Real Madrid in the European Cup / UEFA Champions League

1Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese1059 (2009-2018)
2Raul Gonzalez BlancoSpanish6616 (1994-2010)
3Karim BenzemaFrench6413 (2009-Present)
4Alfredo DiStefanoArgentine/Spanish4911 (1955-1964)
5Ferenc PuskasHungarian/Spanish358 (1958-1966)
6Paco GentoSpanish3118 (1953-1971)
7Charles SantillanaSpanishtwenty-one17 (1971-1988)
8Amancio AmaroSpanishtwenty-one14 (1962-1976)
9Fernando MorientesSpanish  198 (1997-2005)
10PirriSpanish1816 (1964-1980)

Now, if we talk about important competitions, the UEFA Champions League or, as it was previously known, the European Cup, is a tournament that has always been wonderful for the White House.

 For this reason, they are not only the team that has won this trophy the most times but also, at the time, they had the top scorers in the history of the competition.

Until the emergence of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl González Blanco was the top scorer in the history of the competition. However, first Messi and then Cristiano Ronaldo were in charge of breaking this record. Currently, the Portuguese player has detached himself from the fight with the Argentine and holds first place.

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