Top 10 Richest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time 2022

Richest WWE Wrestlers 2022: While the fascination for wrestling is gaining more and more supporters in Germany and is subject to constant growth, the sport in the United States is already an extraordinarily broad and much-noticed phenomenon.

Richest WWE Wrestlers in The World 2022

The WWE is currently the largest wrestling organization, the market share of competing models is so small that one can speak of an economic monopoly.

10. The Undertaker” Mark Calaway (Net worth: 15.5 Million Euros)

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Mark Calaway is one of the longest-running actors on the scene (since 1990!). In case you are wondering how the name of the athlete came about (“the undertaker”), here is a brief explanation: From the late 1980s to around the mid-1990s it was common to choose job titles as names, professions that have an eerie or fear-inducing image.

Every self-respecting wrestling star called himself either “the dentist!” Or “the butcher!” Or “the undertaker!”. You don’t see the 50-year-old wrestling very often these days, he is more in the background marketing his name. But if he does appear in public, his appearances are as spectacular as ever.

9. Shawn Michaels “HBK” (Net worth: 14.5 Million Euros)

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Shawn Michael’s real birth name is actually “Michael Shawn Hickenbottom” – on the advice of his agent, he changed his name at some point in his career so that the word sounded more like a wrestling star. 

Shawn is a living legend, he got into the ring back in 1987 (only 21 years old at the time!) And joined the “Rockers Tag Team” as a much-celebrated newcomer, alongside Marty Jannetty. In the following years, the superstar was always active as a businessman, in addition to his career as a wrestler. 

He is extremely successful in marketing his own name and landing advertising contracts himself. A real universal genius, in the true sense of the word.

8. Big Show” Paul Wight (Net worth 17 Million Euros)

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There is a certain disparity in the fights of the giant Paul Wight: all fans cheer for the legend, but all fans also want their idol to finally put his career aside and call him “please retire!”. 

But the giant probably can’t hear the advice anyway, up there in his hemisphere, and if you made as much money as he did, yeah, you’d probably go as hard as he did – none at all. Wight was formerly known and feared as “The Giant”, but his name has been changed so that no one confuses him with “Andre the Giant”.

7. Kurt Angle (Net worth: 21 Million Euros)

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The only wrestler on this list who got straight into professional wrestling straight out of college is Kurt Angle. The icon won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in heavyweight wrestling – despite a considerable health deficit! He lets this fact be announced often and particularly loudly (“… with a broken freak in ‘neck !!”).

After the Olympic Games, he devoted himself exclusively to his professional career, in which he gained too little reputation until the WWE signed him in 1998.

6. Hulk Hogan (Net worth: 21 Million Euros)

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He’s an indispensable part of the wrestling scene. For many years Hulk Hogan dominated his fights and the ring in various leagues. Terrence “Terry” Gene Bollea, as Hogan’s real name is called, made a fortune himself.

In 2015 he was kicked out of the WWE without notice due to racist remarks. Divorce from his wife cost the superstar 70% of his former wealth.

5. Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Net worth: 25 Million Euros)

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Yes, admittedly, John Cena is the current crowd-pleaser in the WWE, but he will never match the fame of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, which he enjoyed during his playing days. In his career, the athlete often changed organizations and coaches and was always worried about the sales figures for his fights.

However, after the spectacular victory in the “King of the Ring” tournament in 1997, his mere name was enough to lure the crowds into the halls.

4. John Cena (Net worth 50 Million Euros)

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Probably the biggest name in current, relevant, competition-oriented US wrestling: John Cena. The Superstar made his WWE debut in 2002 in a fight against the then much more experienced Kurt Angle, whom he almost won. 

Cena became a fan favorite, also due to the fact that, like a white rapper, he insults and verbally attacks his opponents before going into close combat in a spectacular way.

3. Triple H” Paul Levesque (Net worth: 125 Million Euros)

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It’s hard to believe that the guy who goes by the gruesome name “Terra Ryzing” who debuted in the ring 20 years ago is still a big hit in WWE these days.

But! The veteran worked briefly with WCW before moving back to the WWE and taking a newcomer under his wing. He and his wife, Stephanie McMahan, now own a lot of WWE stocks.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Net worth: $ 335 Million)

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Who is surprised to see this name on the 1? The richest wrestler in the world is also a hugely sought-after actor in Hollywood and has made a name for himself in the film industry over the past decade. Dwayne Johnson! 

His father was a professional wrestler with a moderate career, which is why Dwayne had a stepping stone into the industry after college and his career developed rapidly. The Rock first tried his hand at the “University of Miami” as a football star, before devoting himself entirely to wrestling.

The crowd favorite had first tried to spin a myth about his Hawaiian origins so that the audience would interested in him as a newcomer, but as soon as he started as a provocative fighter for the “Nation of Domination”, an extremely well-known formation within professional wrestling, this was no longer necessary and the “electrifying superstar” was born. Dwayne is an absolute crowd-pleaser, often donating huge sums to charities,

1. Vince McMahon (Net worth: 1.71 Billion Euros)

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Vince McMahon is the big boss of WWE and, thanks to his superstars, one of the richest people in the world. With a stake of around 57% in the company, he is the largest shareholder and has made a significant contribution to the incredible success of WWE over the past few decades. 

However, his fortune is highly dependent on the WWE stock price and can rise and fall rapidly.

The WWE Phenomenon

Even if there is a downward trend in viewership in some states, wrestling is still hot: at Showtime, every Monday, millions of people tune in. The flagship of the WWE is thus WWE Raw (full title: WWE Monday Night Raw), the show is, as already mentioned above, traditionally always broadcast on Mondays, it has been produced by WWE since 1993. 

The broadcast has always had high ratings and therefore great success, which is easy to recognize from the long tradition of 23 years of broadcasting. 

In addition to this, WWE also broadcasts another program called WWE SmackDown! (full title: WWE Thursday Night SmackDown!).

But not only do wrestling fans from home bring unbelievable amounts to the organizers, but a system of fan pages and internet presence in general also increase the wealth of the wrestling industry, whose profits have long since exceeded the billion mark. But the big organizers know to who they owe their prosperity The successful model of wrestling has also made many wrestling stars filthy rich – and within a very short time.

Wealth has its price: many have had to make one or two sacrifices on the stony path to money, from scars to numerous broken bones to artificial joints – everything is included – they paid for their money with sweat and blood. So these are the 10 richest wrestlers in the world!

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