Salaries of UFC fighters 2022: Highest Paid UFC Fighters in The World

Salaries of UFC fighters: There are great fighters in the UFC who can earn well over half a million dollars per fight, and other superstars who exceed these figures. Do you know how much the salaries of UFC fighters amount to? 

If we talk about mixed martial arts and their competitions, there is no doubt that the UFC is the best of all. Full of emotions and great fights that have marked history. Because it is the best fighting competition, it is also logical that a lot of money is moved for each fight, depending on each fighter.

That is why this time we are going to talk about the salaries of fighters or fighters in the UFC, how much they can charge for each fight, and much more.

Highest Paid UFC Fighters in The World 2022

To begin with, we are going to name the 5 best salaries of UFC fighters, but first, it is important that you know that it is very difficult to know the exact amount. It is almost never revealed how much each fighter earns per match, and how much they made per year, so we will give the closest estimate of each fighter’s salary. 

Conor Mcgregor – 20 Million Dollars

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He is without a doubt one of the best fighters in the UFC. Although hated by many, he is also loved by others, but there is one thing that cannot be denied, and that is that the Irishman is truly a money maker.

McGregor, according to estimated figures in a year, has been able to bill the extraordinary figure of approximately twenty million dollars, perhaps more. That is why he becomes the highest-paid and highest-grossing UFC fighter.

Conor, in addition to earning huge numbers per fight, also earns big from his sponsors, to name a few, there are Burger King, Reebok, Beats, Drafkings, and many, many more. Nothing else for sponsorship gets a large sum every year. For this reason, he currently leads the ranking of the highest-paid UFC fighters.

Khabib Nurmagomedov – 15 Million Dollars

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The Russian is definitely one of the great fighters in the UFC today, he has a very extensive record of consecutive victories, which have made him receive millionaire earnings annually.

Nurmagomedov has earned almost fifteen million dollars in a short time, it should be noted that he is the recent champion, therefore, his income per fight has risen to the point where there is not much difference from first place. 

Most of the lightweight champion’s wealth came from fights against McGregor and Poirier, in which he is estimated to have earned nearly $9 million.

Alistair Overeem – 10.5 Million Dollars

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The British-Dutch fighter has obtained large sums in his last fights, without a doubt now is that we will see more of him and we hope that he surprises us.

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His estimated earnings are close to ten and a half million dollars, not bad at all since these figures are really difficult to achieve by a UFC fighter. It is estimated that the earnings of the fighter’s last fights are more than 800,000 dollars.

It is important to mention that most of Alistair’s earnings in his career have also been due to a lucrative contract with the UFC, which lasted from 2016 to 2018.

Andrey Arlovski – 10 Million Dollars

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The Belarusian heavyweight was the champion of his category in the UFC, and during his career, he has known how to capitalize since he has obtained great profits as a result of his fights.

His salary is estimated to be close to ten million dollars, a figure that has not been achieved overnight. In his last ten fights, he was able to get more than $300,000 each, which puts him in our salary ranking of the highest-paid UFC fighters.

Jon Jones – 7 Million Dollars

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The youngest champion in the UFC, he easily makes it onto this list of the highest-paid mixed martial arts fighters in the world. The American through different fights and contracts has obtained a great salary.

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He has earned well over $7 million, and among his highest-earning fights is against Daniel Cormier, in which he took in over half a million dollars. 

Summary of The Salaries of The Highest-Paid Fighters in The UFC

Although there may be variations, there are estimates of how much a professional fighter earns in this discipline. Taking them as a base, here we present a summary of the salaries of the highest-paid fighters in the UFC.

How Much Do UFC Fighters Get Paid

1. Conor McGregor20,102,000
2. Khabib Nurmagomedov14,770,000
3. Alistair Overeem10,204,500
4. Andrey Arlovski9,844,000
5. Jon Jones7,230,000
6. Junior Dos Santos7,110,000
7. Donald Cerrone7,025,800
8. Nate Diaz5,000,000
9. Lyoto Machida4,500,000
10. Dustin Poirier4,500,000

Without a doubt, each of those who appear on this list win or have won millionaire figures that over time, due to their numerous victories and fights, have been placed at the top of the list of fighters ‘ salaries. of the UFC that has obtained the most money.

Not only through fights, but through numerous sponsors, incentives, and even the sale of certain sponsored products, these fighters have earned a lot of money in their careers.

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