3 Signs You Have a Smart Man: Signs of a Smart Man

Signs of a smart Man: An intelligent man is not always easy to recognize. After all, there are stupid ones who try to look smart. And there are smart ones who want to look stupid. So below are the 3 signs of smart men.

3 Signs of a Smart Man

Yes, there are such men too. What are the signs that help us understand that there is a smart man in front of us?

1: First Sign

A man can laugh even when sad or serious topics are discussed. After all, most people are in the shackles of society. A society that dictates to us the rules that: “You can’t laugh at this.” A smart man is above these rules. If he finds it funny, he will laugh. You shouldn’t think that an intelligent man is always serious.

As mentioned that the wise laugh often. But he laughs when he understands everything. After all, there is the laughter of the stupid, it manifests itself when the stupid do not understand anything in the conversation and begins to laugh with nerves. This has to be distinguished.

2: Second Sign

A smart man knows how his appearance affects people. That is, some may wear suits, shirts. They try to create the impression of an intelligent and serious man. Others may not care about their appearance at all. After all, they think that their words and actions mean more than what they look like.

That is, if a man is smart, then he can be recognized even without a suit. It is enough for him to say a couple of phrases. The bottom line is that a smart man doesn’t dress thoughtlessly.

He knows that this is a lever of influence over others, and he uses it wisely. You can even ask him about how his clothes affect others. If the answer is weighty, then this man is smart.

3 Signs You Have a Smart Man: Signs of a Smart Man: Rean Times

3: 3rd Sign

A smart man will not use insults directly. He doesn’t do that. It has several options. If in front of him is also an intelligent person, then he will speak with facts and arguments. And if a person is stupid, then he will be silent or use sarcasm.

A smart man will not insult, raise his voice, and so on. More often he will be silent because it is impossible to convince a stupid person. And if he wants to have fun, he will use sarcasm. This is how an intelligent man communicates. This is my opinion.

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