10 Soccer Player In Jail

These are the really tough bad boys in the football business. After all, these 10 soccer players are in jail.

10 Soccer Player In Jail

Here come the bad boys of the soccer business. After all, these 11 footballers were already in prison. We introduce them to you!

1. Breno

The Brazilian joined FC Bayern in 2008 as a promising reinforcement. As the “new Lucio” the defender failed miserably, Bayern lost almost all of their € 12 million transfer fee. In 2012 he was finally sentenced to three years and nine months in prison after he set fire to the villa he had rented in Munich (Grünwald).

2. Helmut Rahn

We all know the German football legend from the miracle of Bern – after all, the German shot us to our first World Cup success in 1954. But only a few know what happened afterward: three years after the success, he drove his car into an excavation pit and was arrested by officials.

He was convicted of drunk driving – but also for resisting state power. He attacked the officers when he was arrested.

3. Willi Kraus

The long-time Bundesliga club died in 2008 – he was a real Schalke boy and had been playing for the Royal Blues since he was a teenager. But his criminal streak overshadows his career: He spent 15 years in prison after he was convicted of drug trafficking and three robberies of banks and supermarkets. Then he retrained and worked as an electrician until retirement …

4. Ralf von Derick

As a player he was never particularly successful – Osnabrück, Solingen, Remscheid, and also Wuppertal were called his stations. He became known because he was the first knacki with a professional contract – because during his time at the latter club he robbed several game libraries with a teammate. He was sentenced to six years probation!

5. Yordan Letchkov

The Bulgarian not only kicked for HSV, but also for Olympique Marseille and Besiktas Istanbul, among others. He was later made mayor of the city of Sliven as an honorary resident – where he was accused of mismanagement and abuse of office. The former professional soccer player, therefore, had to spend a full two years in prison … A tough sentence!

6. Kees Bergmann

The Dutchman played almost 200 Bundesliga games for Bielefeld, Duisburg and Co. in the mid-70s and early 80s, but then went to prison after falling into the trap of drug investigators in 1989. He was caught in a handover in a cemetery, according to the official version.

Despite the already prevalent club competition at the time, he worked for Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund in the early 1970s – no wonder, as he was born in the city of BVB. Many years later, more precisely in 2001, he was punished by the local district court for investment fraud.

He had to go to jail for three and a half years, and the damage amounted to 2.2 million marks, according to the picture.

8. Pavel Macek

The Czech guarded the goal of Remscheid and Schalke 04, but his main business seems to have been the sleight of hand! Cigarette smuggling, theft of washing powder, and other petty offenses were on his list. He was put behind locks and bolts for fraud for six months – in the end, he had 15 previous convictions!

9. Shmuel Rosenthal

The professional from Israel was under contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach for two years and even played 13 games in the 1972/73 season – side by side with Günther Netzer!

Later he was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment in his homeland – he belongs to an international cocaine smuggler ring and probably earned a little something in Germany too.

10. Lucas Hernandez

The Bayern star was summoned to Madrid on October 19, 2021, to appear in court there, according to media reports. Then he would have to go into custody voluntarily within ten days. This has now been ordered by a Spanish court and related to violations of a ban on approach and contact imposed by a Spanish court on Lucas Hernandez in 2017.

The spicy thing about the whole story: The ban on contact was obtained by his ex-girlfriend at the time, with whom he has now reconciled and is even married. Now the Bayern star threatens 6 months in prison for this offense, which is dated in 2019. The French defender of FC Bayern Munich has already appealed.

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