10 Best Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch

Best Sports TV Shows: Sport is for those strong in spirit who, instead of a movie on the couch, choose to work out in the gym, and for everyone else, they have compiled a list of good sports series.

Well, so that at least somewhere in the apartment it smells if not sweat and an ideal body, but at least a hint of willpower.

In general, there is only one step from good projects about different sports to working on yourself. While the teenagers in the show below dream of professional awards, it is somehow easier to do home sports – foreign teenagers take out a hard workout of five hundred hours, and here it is only a couple of minutes from the bar.


  • Grade6.9 / 7.6 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • Genre Drama, sports
  • CountryUSA
  • StarringKaya Scodelario (“The Maze Runner”, “Skins”)
  • DirectorSamantha Stratton
  • Duration10 (Season 1, 50-minute episodes)
  • StudioNetflix
  • ScenarioJenny Lynn, Elizabeth Clarke

Clinging to the ice | Best Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch

The series is not only about ambition, broken bones, and self-destructive training, but also about the mental health of athletes. They decided to delve into the topic so deeply that bipolar disorder was finished off in the family history of the Bakers – the drama was wound on a quadruple axel.


  • Grade6.2 / 5.8 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre thriller, drama, detective
  • CountryUSA
  • StarringKylie Jefferson, Brennan Kloss
  • DirectorSamir Reem, Gary Fleder, Gary Harvey
  • Duration10 (Season 1, 50-minute episodes)
  • StudioNetflix
  • ScenarioMichael McLennan

Fragile Creatures – Stowaways – Official Music Video - YouTube

The series is exclusively for visuals: a minimum of scenario moves and catchy dialogues, a maximum of sex and dancing. Ballet is, of course, art and theater, not a sport, but dancers in tutus do more work on the body and spirit than some professional athletes. Competition in ballet is higher than in many sports, and it’s scary to talk about the self-restraint of ballet dancers.

The characters of the series are students of a prestigious ballet school, so you can see a dozen examples of teenage cruelty in the show. And the matter will not be limited to broken glass in pointe shoes and torn muscles:

The series begins with the fact that Nevis, the main character, is invited to school to take the place of a student who fell from the roof. And it fell, most likely with the help of someone Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch. one’s graceful hand. And from the same hand, Nevia now receives threats against him.

In short, “Elite” helps the dancers, because the police, as is customary to see in teenage melodramas, are unable to understand the wounded souls of teenagers and find a killer among them. The ballet dancers themselves, however, also have almost no time to investigate – the school still has too many dark corners and closed halls where you can retire.


  • Grade8.5 / 8.7 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre drama, sports
  • CountryUSA
  • StarringAnya Taylor-Joy, Mariel Heller, Thomas Sangster
  • Director Scott Frank
  • Duration7 episodes (season 1, one episode – 60 minutes)
  • StudioNetflix
  • ScenarioScott Frank (“Marley and Me”, “Forgotten by God”)

chess the queen's gambit - Cheap Online Shopping -

The very same series, thanks to which mass chess began. After the show premiered on eBay, sales of chessboards grew by 250 percent – it’s good that they didn’t film about any whalers or street racers. But let’s leave all this to marketers and move on to the story of a fragile orphan who dreamed of giving checkmate to everyone around her.

Beth Harmon lost her mother at nine years old, ended up in a girls’ orphanage, where the baby was put on tranquilizers, and there, in the shelter’s backroom, Beth learned to play chess from an old janitor.

The background is moderately tragic, it’s time to transfer the young drug addict-genius to the loving home of foster parents. According to the laws of social advertising, a new family must solve all the problems of an injured child, but life is tougher than advertisers.

Beth cannot cope with drug addiction and discovers alcohol for herself, victories at chess tournaments only make her head spin more, bringing not only euphoria but also money for new doses.

In addition, new parents are not the best guidelines for building a stable, healthy future. So Beth has to fight off the checks of fate over and over again, to achieve the goal and climb to the first lines in the world rankings of chess players.


  • Grade8.1 / 8.7 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre comedy, sports
  • CountryUSA, UK
  • starring Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift
  • DirectorBrendan Hunt, Bill Lawrence (“The Clinic”)
  • Duration10 episodes (1 season, episode – 30 minutes)
  • ScenarioBrendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence

Overanalyzing Every Book in TED LASSO to Predict Season 2

A series with a heart-warming effect – if you don’t want to run after the ball, you will have to believe in yourself and the innate kindness of others. Ted Lasso is the sweetest American football coach on the planet, who was glorified not by victories in championships, but by YouTube. A video leaked online of Lasso and his team performing an expressive jubilant dance, winning a modest amateur tournament. Best Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch.

The achievement is not great, but it gives Lasso a great opportunity: the coach is invited to work with Richmond, a good club in the English football Premier League. True, this is not at all the kind of football that Lasso played in America – here is a hundred meters long field, there are some offside positions and you cannot push. Journalists laugh at the team’s new mentor, fans drown hopes of club victories in beer pubs, and the former Richmond owner regrets his divorce.

As not a single cheater regretted it. The millionaire’s wife took Richmond away from him as moral compensation for betrayal and invited Lasso to destroy the ex’s club as loudly and visibly as possible.

An ideal plan for revenge, in which the offended woman did not take into account only one thing: a good coach can lead a team to victory, even without knowing the rules of the game. The main thing is to play according to the laws of humanity.


  • Grade8 / 8.6 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genredrama, sports
  • CountryUSA
  • StarringKyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Guy Charles
  • DirectorJeffrey Rayner, Michael Waxman, Allison Liddy
  • Duration76 (5 seasons, episode – 40 minutes)
  • StudioNbc
  • ScenarioPeter Berg (“Hancock”, “Treasure of the Amazon”)

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - Season 1 Trailer - YouTube

A show about a high school soccer team from a provincial Texas town. The main character is a trainer whose character would compete in coldness and stubbornness with the killer of the Titanic. But Eric Taylor is not a villain and not Severus Snape – it’s just that Eric has a very strict approach to his charges. Best Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch.

At the same time, Taylor sees high school students as people, not therapeutic punching bags, and Eric determines the goal of hard training very rationally. True, the mentor does not always assess the strength of youthful maximalism, and at one of the matches, Taylor’s ward breaks his spine for a point for the team. A broken spine is often equated with a broken life, so the emotional intensity of the show is high from the start.

What’s cool about Fires is its realism: rare schools in serious American TV series now do without murders, orgies, and children with the life experience of Vito Corleone. Residents of the Texas province in this show live a life understandable to most viewers: here they are fighting to preserve a faded marriage, get tired of work and homework, go through crises and worry about the future – all without leaving the football field.

Awards: The series was nominated for an Emmy in 2011 for Best Drama, but Mad Men won. But in the same year, “Lights” received an Emmy for Best Screenplay, and Kyle Chandler, who plays Eric Taylor, won the prize for Best Actor in a Drama Show.


  • Grade7.4 / 7.9 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre drama, sports
  • CountryAustralia
  • StarringElias Anton, Matthew Nable, Ben Kindon
  • director Robert Connolly
  • Duration4 (season 1, episode – 50 minutes)
  • StudioAustralian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
  • ScenarioBlake Ashford, Belinda Chaiko, Christ Tsiolkas

Barracuda French Movie Streaming Online Watch

Miniseries about Denny Kelly: He is sixteen and dreams of becoming a professional swimmer. Dreams of the conquered Olympic pools are violated by the bullying of classmates – it’s hard to believe in yourself when wealthy kids, who from birth play life on the 80th level, poke their fingers at you and laugh in your face.

Denny is not from a wealthy family, so also the guy’s family tree is from one root from Ireland, the other from Greece. To swim comfortably in the environment of an elite school, where Denny is transferred at the beginning of the film, you need a thoroughbred stigma, and instead of a stigma, Kelly has only a kind heart, hard work, and a lifelong reserve of conscience.

Fortunately, these qualities can be assessed, if not by peers, then by good teachers – Denny falls under the tutelage of a reputable coach, and then he also finds a friend with whom it is much easier to swim towards dreams and recognition. Best Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch.

The film is emotionally heavy – the creators did not dilute this teenage sports drama with humor, so in some places, Denny’s story, which unfolds in the late 90s, seems gloomy. But the more valuable the happy ending is, the greater the burden of empathy has to be carried to the viewer.


  • Grade8 / 8.3 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre comedy, sports
  • CountryCanada, USA
  • StarringDarin Brooks, Alan Richson, Chris Romano, Ed Marinaro
  • DirectorJohn Fortenberry, J. Clark Mathis, Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Duration39 (3 seasons, episode – 20 minutes)
  • StudyBlue Mountain State Productions
  • ScenarioEric Falconer, Chris Romano


Real Boys Against The Zombie Russian Movie Streaming Online WatchEverything is simple here: the guys go to college and try to pursue their sports careers. The first comes out more successful, juicier, and more professional than the second, but the title of football player gives guys access to all female bodies within a kilometer radius.

By the way, one of the commentators on “KinoPoisk” found in this strong-alcoholic sitcom a good (a little extreme, though) game for a party. With betting, racing, and courage – an international recipe for a fun night out.


  • Grade7.9 / 7.5 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre drama, sports
  • CountryUSA
  • starring Chelsea Hobbs, Isla Kell, Josie Lauren
  • DirectorDavid Paymer, Chris Grismer, Steve Miner
  • Duration48 (3 seasons, episode – 40 minutes)
  • StudioABC Family
  • ScenarioHolly Sorensen, Amy Turner, Michael Gance

Gymnast, Sunset, Silhouette, Sports, Woman, Yoga

Everything in the name – teenage gymnasts dream of getting to the Olympic Games, but the rumble of parties and drunken youth is calling louder than the distant jingle of medals. Payson, Lauren, Kayleigh, and Emily train in one of the best centers in their country, but for big victories, it is not enough to be the most flexible and resilient – you also need emotional stability, willpower, and detachment from the rest, outside of sports life.

The girls seem to understand this, but they still quarrel over the guys and dresses, and in fact, at national competitions, they will have to play as one team. Devotion and trust cannot be trained on the uneven bars, and spiritual balance cannot be trained on the balance beam, so gymnasts will have to train on three fronts at the same time: in the gym, in their heads, and in relationships with each other.


  • Grade7.1 / 7.6 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre drama, comedy, sports
  • CountryUSA
  • starring Dwayne Johnson, John David Washington (Protagonist from “Argument”)
  • director Julian Farino, Simon Sellan Jones, Chloe Domon
  • Duration47 (5 seasons, episode – 30 minutes)
  • StudioHBO
  • ScenarioStephen Levinson, Rashard Mendenhall, Zack Robbins

10 Soccer Players Who Have Appeared in Movies | ScreenRant

For those who watch TV shows about sports not looking for motivation to go to the gym. The main character here is a former athlete Spencer Strasmore. The man successfully played American football, ended his career gently, spent all the money he earned, and got a job as a sports agent to now help other football players siphon money from club owners and pump it into something more durable than alcoholic euphoria.

There are surprisingly few shots with matches, breakthrough field goals, and incredible touchdowns in the series: the main timing is devoted to showdowns with mistresses, attempts to crawl out of endless lies, parties, and other types of internal decomposition of the young and successful.

Spencer himself has completed his career and is no longer pushed into the category of young people, even with his shoulder span, but on the field of his personal life, the former footballer does not play better, than his energetic charges.


  • Grade7 / 8.2 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre drama, comedy
  • CountryUSA
  • StarringDanny McBride, Steve Little, Katie Mixon
  • DirectorJody Hill, David Gordon Green, Adam McKay
  • Duration29 (4 seasons, episode – 25 minutes)
  • StudioHBO
  • ScenarioBen Best, Jody Hill, Danny McBride

Bell Bottom Full Movie 4K HD Facts I Akshay Kumar | Huma Qureshi | Vaani Kapoor | Lara Dutta | 2021 - YouTube

What’s in the plot: Kenny Powers played baseball very well, flew out of the Major League Baseball very dashingly, and flies away in a strike for the humiliated and frustrated – returns to his hometown. What former big athletes do in their small hometowns is train future big and current little schoolchildren in gyms.

It’s hard to work as a physics teacher for Kenny Powers – you can’t swing it. So the hero, locked in a cramped and stuffy closet of life, does not give up the hope of returning to the big sport. An addict, a liar, an aggressor, a true toxicant – you can think of a hundred unpleasant definitions for Kenny, but none of them will prevent an athlete from stubbornly climbing from the bottom to where he was thrown by a karmic kick.


  • Grade8.2 (IMDb)
  • genre documentary, real TV
  • CountryUSA
  • StarringMonica Aldama, Gabi Butler, Jerry Harris
  • DirectorGreg Whiteley, Ariel Kilker
  • Duration6 (season 1, episode timing – 60 minutes)
  • StudioNetflix

THE SECRET LIVES OF CHEERLEADERS Official Trailer (2019) Denise Richards, Teen Movie HD - YouTube

In teen films and TV shows, the set of characters is often the same: a smart outsider, a cool football player, a cheerleader bitch, she is a football player’s girlfriend, and some voluntary outcast informal. This documentary sends stereotypes about girls with pompoms to a well-aimed three-point straight into the trash can.

The scenario is simple: a group of cheerleaders prepares for a major competition. Conclusions: cheerleading is a difficult physical challenge, a sport that requires sacrifice and dedication. Here sky-high competition is mixed with the need to work in a team and move as a single organism – the pressure that only a few can survive.

There is no place for personal dramas on mats, but you definitely cannot call this project boring and dry – for the guys for whom ups and downs are not a metaphor, but in everyday life, you will have to worry. Best Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch.


  • Grade7.4 / 8 (Kinopoisk / IMDb)
  • genre drama, comedy, sports
  • CountryUSA
  • StarringAlison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Britt Baron
  • DirectorJesse Peretz, Lynn Shelton, Claire Scanlon
  • Duration30 (3 seasons, episode – 35 minutes)
  • StudioNetflix
  • ScenarioLiz Flahive, Carly Mensch, Rachel Schuckert

Completing the list is a series about female wrestling – it will be beautiful, sweaty, and enchanting. A couple of dozen girls who are not afraid to put each other on their knees and bend their faces aka Jim Carrey – the love of the audience does not smell. All this sports and theatrical madness takes place in the 80s, so it’s time for fans of colorful retro to raise pirate sails and set sail in search of the coveted “play”.

Ruth is so unlucky that the girl dreams of becoming at least an aspiring actress, but she just can’t start acting anywhere. At the auditions, the heroine either meets frontal refusals or hears offers about roles, where her eyelashes and a miniskirt will be in the lead role. Out of despair, Ruth even thinks to immediately go to an amateur 18+, but fate gives her a chance to lie in front of the camera more expressive and interesting.

The girl climbs into the ring and participates in a women’s wrestling show – a good start for her acting career. These are the Best Sports TV Shows: You Must Watch.

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