Interesting facts about women

According to statistics, women's life expectancy is longer than men's.

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fact. 2

Women have a more flexible neck than men. When responding to an extraneous voice, the ladies turn only their heads,

fact. 3

It is women who can breathe with their breasts, men are not given this ability.

fact. 4

During intimacy, absolutely any woman will certainly think about how she looks. If something does not suit her, she will prefer to have sex in absolute darkness.

fact. 5

The process of blinking occurs in women 2 times more often than in the representatives of the stronger sex.

fact. 6

Women need to communicate with someone. In just one day, she says 3 times more words than a man.

fact. 7

The very first programmer in the world was a woman named Ada Lovelace, a resident of the UK.

fact. 8

Women cry about 5 times more than men.

fact. 9

A woman lies 2 times less per day than a man.

fact. 10

The current Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, is considered the most respected woman in the world.

All sense organs, as well as analyzers, are more developed in women than in the representatives of the stronger sex.

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