Tallest NBA Players 2022: Who Is The Tallest NBA Player?

Tallest NBA Players: In the history of the NBA, there have been a large number of players who, beyond standing out for their numbers, did so for their height.

Tallest NBA Players

When we talk about NBA players, the first thing that can come to mind is their achievements, agility, and much more. But another of the main characteristics that come to mind is his height, which is why, just as we already talked about the shortest players, in this article we present the tallest in the NBA.

1. George Muresan: Leader among the tallest in the NBA: 2.31 m

He was a center originally from Romania who was 2.31 meters tall and weighed 137 kilos, placing him likewise, by a few millimeters, as the tallest player the league had ever had. This player came from Pau Orthez, where he worked and forged himself until he became one of the best European scorers in history.

George Muresan: Tallest NBA Players 2022: Who Is The Tallest NBA Player? - Rean times
George Muresan

The Washington Bullets were the ones who selected this important player, placing him in the third position in the second round of the 1993 Draft. Muresan played six seasons in the NBA, and during two of those seasons, he was named the player with the best shooting percentage. league field goals.

2. Manute Bowl: 2.31 m

Tallest NBA Players 2022: Who Is The Tallest NBA Player?
Manute Bowl

A player born in Sudan, 2.31 meters tall and weighing 92 kilos, was a pivot who participated for 10 full seasons in the NBA. It should be noted that in his rookie year he broke the block record, thus leaving the highest record of blocks in a season. The wonderful player passed away in 2010, investing his entire fortune in charities in Sudan.

3. Shawn Bradley: 2.29 m

He was a great pivot who measured 2.29 meters and weighed approximately 109 kilos, enough to be among the tallest. For twelve seasons he played in the NBA, averaging 8.1 points, 2.5 blocks, and 6.3 rebounds. In 1993 he was selected in the second position in the Draft.

Shawn Bradley
Shawn Bradley
Shawn Bradley

Something important to mention is that this player, despite his height, did not give his best in the teams in which he played, for reasons that he never fit in. For a pick at this position, his numbers were a bit low.   

4. Yao Ming: 2.28 m

The Chinese center with a height of 2.28 meters and a weight of 137 kilos, was selected in the first position of the draft in 2002. He was chosen by the Houston Rockets where he reached an average of 19 points, 1.9 blocks, and 9.2 rebounds, not to mention that he played alongside the best players of the time in the All-Star.

Yao Ming

Yao Ming played eight great seasons in the NBA, although the player still had a lot to deliver on the court, he was unable to continue playing due to constant physical problems, which made it impossible for him to keep up with the pace of the league. Ming is currently an ambassador for the NBA in his country.

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5. Sim Bhullar: 2.26 m

This center of Indian origin and Canadian nationality was about 2.26 meters tall and weighed 165 kilos with which he enters the ranking of the tallest. Sim played for the Sacramento Kings for a total of three games, however, his weight made it difficult for him to keep up with the pace of the American League, so he ended up playing in the development league.

Sim Bhullar

Bhullar’s stint in the NBA was more of a marketing ploy to bring basketball to India. And not being a resounding success, in 2016 the player was chosen by the Dacin Tigers of the Chinese league. Today he is still playing in this league, where he is considered one of their most valuable players.

6. Chuck Nevitt: 2.26 m

Chuck Nevitt
Chuck Nevitt
Chuck Nevitt

Another on the list of the highest is Chuck Nevitt. The American player is 2.26 meters tall and weighed 98 kilos at the time. He was chosen to occupy the seventeenth (17th) position in the third round of the draft in 1982. The player participated in nine seasons in the NBA, with the most relevant teams being the Lakers and the Rockets.

7. Pavel Podkolzin: 2.26 m

Pavel Podkolzin
Pavel Podkolzin

Directly from Russia, the cradle of tall athletes, a center with a height of 2.26 meters and a weight of 138 kilos. In 2004 this player was chosen in position number 21 in the first round of the draft that year by the Utah Jazz. Due to his excessive weight and little dynamism, the player only participated in six games in two seasons in the league.

8. Slavko Vranes: 2.26 m

The Montenegrin player is 2.26 meters tall and his weight is 127 kilos. In 2003 he was selected by the New York Knicks, where he played in the tenth position in the second round of the draft that year. It is very important to note that Vranes only participated in a single NBA game. After that, he played in the Euroleague where he became a very valuable player being among the highest.

Slavko Vranes
Slavko Vranes
Slavko Vranes

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Currently, the basketball player continues to play for the Iranian league, although he has good offers from the Chinese league where players like him are well paid, even more than in Europe.

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