The Best Central Defenders in The World Right Now 2022

The best central defenders in the world.

Best Central Defenders in The World Right Now 2022: Today in this article we will talk about Best Central Defenders in The World.

Best Central Defenders in The World

Now we start with the top 5 of the world’s best IV. Here are the places 5 to 1. 

5: Niklas Süle – Best Central Defender in The Bundesliga?

Süle’s physique is extraordinary and makes him one of the most uncomfortable central defenders in the world. In addition, there is his presence, head ball, and general duel strength.

In a short time, Süle has become an indispensable part of the defense of FC Bayern and the national team. Last season alone, his jump was remarkable. If the development of the 25-year-old continues like this, one day he could become the best central defender in the world. He’s already the best defender in the Bundesliga for us.

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4. Kalidou Koulibaly – Best Defender of Serie A?

In Naples, Koulibaly has been an absolute figurehead for brilliant defensive skills for years. Defensive specialists are particularly valued in Italy. It’s not as easy for a defender to stand out in Serie A as Koulibaly does. His tackles and headers are exceptional. He also makes a decisive contribution to building up the game. 

In addition, it is extremely dangerous, especially when it comes to standards. Koulibaly is exactly the complete package you would expect from a top defender. We are curious how long the SSC Napoli can hold the Senegalese. For us, he is currently perhaps the best defender in Serie A.

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3. Matthijs  De Ligt – Best Defender of the Future?

De Ligt was able to convince the last doubter by the last season 2018/19 at the latest that the future as a world-class defender belongs to him. Especially his appearances on an international level have left a lasting impression. At the age of just 19, he led Ajax Amsterdam to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Now Juventus Turin, who was eliminated by Ajax in the knockout round, could secure the services of the mega talent. For us, it is almost certain that De Ligt will one day be able to inherit a Sergio Ramos. 

Because even now – at just 20 years old – he has all the skills that central defense needs at a top-level. One can only congratulate Juve on this stroke of luck. And in the opinion of team-mate Bonucci, it is already clear

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2. Sergio Ramos – The Longtime Number 1

For us – and our followers – Sergio Ramos continues to be one of the world’s best central defenders. Of course, he no longer quite reaches the class with which he was able to lead Real Madrid to several CL titles. But Ramos is still close. 

He is still an uncompromising, extremely strong center-back who is also very good at building up. His good ball-handling even means that as a central defender (!) He is sometimes allowed to kick free kicks.

Anyway, Ramos is also very dangerous offensively. When it comes to standards, there has hardly been a defender who has been this dangerous in the last 10 years – and who has scored so many crucial goals in important games. Without Ramos, Real would have won fewer CL titles in recent years. 

For many, Ramos was the guarantor of this title – even before Ronaldo. Ramos has not lost much of this class today. He will show that again in the 2020/2021 season.

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1. Virgil Van Dijk – Currently The Best in Central Defense

Sergio Ramos may have been the undisputed number 1 in defense in recent years, but that changed with the 2018/2019 season. Liverpool FC was able to sign Van Dijk, a top-class central defender, who promptly made a significant contribution to LFC winning the 2019 Champions League. 

In terms of physique, tackling strength, and goal danger, he is very reminiscent of Ramos in his prime. His positional play is possibly even better. At 29, he certainly has some very good years ahead of him. If Liverpool can hold the Dutchman, the Premier League and the CL can certainly be won again in the next few years. There is no better central defender anywhere at the moment.


As you have seen, of course, only exceptional footballers are among the top 5 best central defenders in the world. In defense, too, the development is moving more and more towards a complete footballer, in which technical skills also play a role. Each of the named top 5 footballers also has really good technique and ball handling.

 That is what modern football demands. We believe that Van Dijk – also because he is such a complete central defender – will remain at the top of the best central defenders in the world for the next few years, not just in the 2020/2021 season.

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