San Francisco Was Chosen as The Best City To Live in The World

The Best City To Live in The World: The northern California city was chosen by the entertainment magazine TIME OUT over European capitals and megacities like New York.  The criterion: food, culture, social life, and care for the environment.

The Best City To Live in The World

San Francisco, California, USA

TIME OUT magazine, famous for its entertainment and nightlife guides, has chosen San Francisco as the best city to live in in 2021. The selection is made by combining the votes of a panel of experts with a survey of 27 thousand people who have traveled to various parts of the planet.

Under the criteria of the gastronomic offer, nightlife, drinks, and care for the environment, the publication found that this year San Francisco surpassed all other cities in the world.

Yet in this past year, somehow, life didn’t feel so claustrophobic. In cities around the world, people joined. Lots of positive stories and incredible ideas that can redefine urban life in the future, “says the magazine in its article.

Architecture, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco : San Francisco Was Chosen as The Best City To Live in The World: Rean Times

Of course, the selection criteria of this magazine in particular, since the editorial recognizes that progressive politics, community initiatives, and easy access to marijuana were what tipped the balance in favor of San Francisco, criteria that in general did not usually appear in other types of rankings.

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To a large extent, according to the editors, the list is a reflection of the demonstrated ability of cities to adapt in difficult times like the pandemic. Perhaps that is why New York went from number one, mainly due to its gastronomic and nightlife offer, to fifth place, behind Amsterdam, Manchester, and Copenhagen.

“The ranking of the best cities focuses on the cities that we’re able to adapt in a year in which the main factors – such as fun, culture, and social life – were held back,” said Caroline McGinnTIME OUT global editor.

Usa, America, San Francisco : San Francisco Was Chosen as The Best City To Live in The World : Rean Times

Francisco oscillates in the rankings between very high positions for its natural beauty, the elegant of its ups and downs, the great public transport and its cultural life, and very low positions where it stands out that it is the urban center with the highest number of homeless people in the United States and the largest economic disparity in the country.

In the list of the first ten cities according to the magazine, there are five European cities, 3 American and two Asian. The only Latin American city on the list is Mexico City, at number nineteen.

Best Cities in The World To Live According To TIME OUT:

1. San Francisco

2. Amsterdam

3. Manchester

4. Copenhagen

5. New York

6. Montreal

7. Prague

8. Tel Aviv

9. Porto

10. Tokyo

11. Los Angeles

12. Chicago

13. London

14. Barcelona

15. Melbourne

16. Sydney

17. Shanghai

18. Madrid

19. Mexico City

20. Hong Kong

21. Lisbon

22. Boston

23. Milan

24. Singapore

25. Miami

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