The Best Goalkeepers in The World 2022: Top 10

Best Goalkeepers in The World 2022: The role of the goalkeeper is not what it used to be, as he needs No. 1 to get started and also to provide the last line of defense in the modern game.

The Best Goalkeepers in The World Right Now

It is often said that having a trustworthy person between the clubs will earn you a few points each season, and the following players are good examples of just that.

10. Peter Goulaski (RB Leipzig)

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The 2015 signing of Peter Gulaski of the RB Salzburg subsidiary was arguably the smartest business Leipzig has ever done. Since joining the £ 2million team, the Hungarian has been nothing short of a sensation in all six seasons since then.

Tall, fast off the line, great in the box, and a great striker, Pulaski is arguably Germany’s best goalkeeper. His 68% shooting percentage is one of the best in the division among goalkeepers who regularly start, but in truth, Leipzig’s best goals in the league against the column (25 of 31 games played) are equally due to his organizational and communication skills. his stopping power.

This week, Gulati signed a new contract with Leipzig, according to which he will remain at the club until 2025. Fans will be thrilled that the player, who just turned 31, clearly wants to end his career in the Red Bull Area.

9. Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona)

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The Germans have a hard time asking questions of a player with the experience and qualities of Manuel Neuer, but when it comes to Ter Stegen, they have little choice. How can a player be considered a good enough player for the Barcelona # 1 shirt without being the goalkeeper of his national team?

Like the older Neuer, Ter Stegen took the modern goalkeeper concept to the next level. With impeccable foot control, he is tasked with building Barcelona’s game from behind.

After a flimsy start at Barcelona, ​​Ter Stegen is now revered for his goalkeeper as much as for his passes. A tough couple of seasons for everyone at Barcelona and the resurgence of Manuel Neuer (more on him below) means he won’t be Germany’s # 1 for at least next year. Instead, he will follow the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,

8. Keylor Navas (PSG)

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The Costa Rican has been nothing short of a club sensation for PSG since he moved from Real to Madrid for just £ 13m in 2019, helping the club achieve a triple domestic record during the COVID-ravaged season 19 / 20, as well as last year’s Champions League Final.

The 34-year-old has kept 14 clean matches in 24 Ligue 1 games this season, behind only Lille’s Mike Minyan, and has an 85% passing percentage, the third-highest in the division. An excellent all-rounder, Keylor Navas seems to only get better with age.

7. Samir Handanovich (Inter Milan)

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Since joining Inter from Udinese nine years ago, the Slovene has gradually established himself as the best goalkeeper in Europe. Although he rarely receives the international acclaim he deserves, his consistently confident performances have made him a legend in Milan.

The first Scudetto Nerazzurri in 11 seasons was scored in no small part due to the lowest number of goals in the division. Handanovich’s calm leadership was the key to this success.

Calm, a great communicator, and great in the air, the 36-year-old is an old-school goalkeeper who puts an emphasis on defense over distribution. His 72.1% shooting percentage in Serie A is the second-best in the division, behind only Genoa’s Matter Perin, while his clean slate (14 points) is unmatched in Italian football.

6. Alisson (Liverpool)

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It was a tough season for Liverpool and fell far short of their usual high standards. Virgil Van Dyck’s absence caused chaos in the once-solid defensive line, but Alisson remained reliable in between posts.

Not only a gifted stopper but also a great organizer and an inspiring presence behind the back in a redshirt. With good legs and seemingly constantly exuding confidence, goalkeepers like Alisson are a rare breed. Liverpool was lucky to have him.

5. Edward Mendy (Chelsea)

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Dissatisfied with Kepa’s performance last season, Chelsea quickly intercepted former Rennes # 1, Edouard Mendy, last summer. It proved to be an inspiring business, especially considering the relatively cheap £ 22 million it cost the Blues.

In his debut campaign in the Premier League, Mendy ranks second in the division in both accurate assists and net results – not bad for a player learning a new language in a new country.

Like all the best stoppers, Mehndi keeps his best performances for the biggest stage. The 29-year-old has proven the difference between winning and losing in the Champions League semi-final return match against Real Madrid.

Although Chelsea was the best, it was the Senegalese’s lightning-fast reaction that prevented Karim Benzema from scoring twice. He has developed into one of the best players in Europe at Stamford Bridge and will only get better next season.

4. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid)

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It seems funny to remember that Thibaut Courtois looked a little out of place after joining Real Madrid in 2019. The Belgian overcame his bumpy start and reaffirmed his status as one of the most feared players in world football, helping the Slava La Liga team last season and a big role in this year’s league title.

The Belgian boasts the second-highest percentage of saves in La Liga, reflecting 76.6% of tries he faced and conceding just 24 goals in 34 games, the third-best result in the division.

Like the aforementioned Mendy, Courtois played a sensation in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final between Madrid and Chelsea. Without four or five incredible saves, the game would be dead at halftime.

These are the moments that distinguish the best goalkeepers, and Courtois has proven that he belongs to this group. At 28, he’s just picking up steam as a goalkeeper and may actually be getting better, too.

This summer, he hopes to inspire Belgium to win Euro 2020.

3. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

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Not so long ago, Manuel Neuer was spoken of in the past tense. The third-placed player on the ball in 2014 was struggling with recurring foot injuries by the end of the decade. The situation affected the Bayern captain and Germany, leading to repeated calls to replace Neuer in the national team with Mark André Ter Stegen.

But all those doubts and concerns were allayed last season when Neuer, returning to his best self-confident record, inspired Bayern Munich to triple. Neuer boasts the fifth-highest saving throw percentage in Germany’s top division and the highest number of passes, proving that he is a real asset in Bayern’s attacking play, as well as an excellent stopper.

At one time, there is still no one better than Manuel Neuer.

2. Ederson (Manchester City)

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In an era where goalkeepers are required to play side matches, few # 1s can compete with Manchester City’s Brazilian goalkeeper. Whether it’s a first-time clash with Fernandinho between two attacking strikers or a 60-yard shot on Raheem Sterling’s big toe, Ederson has a knack for putting City ahead in any scenario.

He has also improved significantly in terms of defense this season. While he only boasted the 12th best saving throw percentage in the last campaign, it’s third this season. The 27-year-old has the cleanest Premier League record this season at 18.

1. Jan Oblak (Atlético Madrid)

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Jan Oblak remains the goalkeeper’s benchmark. The Slovenian has conceded the fewest goals in La Liga this season, with Atletico Madrid leading most of the campaign.

The Slovenian also boasts the best save percentage in the league, with 84.2% of attempts eluding danger. His whopping 75% free throws (from four tries) also testify to the aura he now carries – attackers shiver in their boots as they come face to face with a 6’2 ” security guard.

He has great ball possession, is good in the zone, has excellent positioning, is a strong and excellent communicator. Nobody else even comes close.

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