The Best MotoGP Riders in History

Best MotoGP Riders in History: The greatest talent in motorcycling is wasted in the most important competition in the world that mixes adrenaline, professionalism, and avant-garde motorcycle prototypes. 

Who deserves to be called the best MotoGP riders historically? Duels, unimaginable records, style, and the particular driving technique of each competitor are part of what the most important motorcycling championship in the world offers: MotoGP.

Here the best MotoGP riders in history have come together to demonstrate their potential and to build a luxurious career that takes them to the pinnacle of success.

Best MotoGP Riders: 73 years of Measuring Speed and Hunger For Victory

Officially since 1949, the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) has organized the largest event in the world that measures the speed of competitors in different categories such as MotoGP, Moto 2, Moto 3, and Moto E. Along with this, it is a contest that boasts costumes, motorcycle design, and the capacity for the ambition of each rider who wants to be the ultimate winner. For that reason, it is valid to review who are the best and most influential riders in the history of MotoGP.

Best MotoGP Riders in History

Currently, there are a good number of riders in the MotoGP World Championship who seek glory by chasing the records of these motorcycling legends.

1. Giacomo Agostini: The Legend

Giacomo Agostini: The Best MotoGP Riders in History: Rean Times

His impressive record is still valid and this Italian rider won no less than 15 titles in the MotoGP world championship. His fame was obtained thanks to his delivery in the races. Despite not having the approval of his parents, Agostini did not stop fighting for his great dream and achieved it: he has 122 victories and many successes to his credit. In fact, he won the Italian championship 18 times. Impressive!

During his overwhelming career, he worked for the MV Agusta team. He always had the ability to excel in competitions and won his first world championship in 1966. Many attribute his success to the good fortune of doing things right, working on perfect timing, and surrounding himself with the right people. In any case, the mark that Agostini left in the world of motorcycling is undeniable, he became a legend and deserves to be on the list of the best riders.

2, Ángel Nieto: The Most Excellent Lord

Giacomo Agostini: The Best MotoGP Riders in History: Rean Times

Of Spanish origin, this driver had the great pleasure of having 13 world championships and 4 runner-up finishes, being recognized as the most successful Spanish driver of all time. This makes him the second-best driver in the world only behind Agostini. This legend obtained nothing less than the Grand Cross of Civil Merit for his important achievements outside his country. Thanks to this recognition, he has been called Most Excellent Sir.

It must be said that his automobile feat gave way to new generations who were training to demonstrate the best Spanish talent in the world of racing during the 1980s. That cannot be held against him, that is why he is among the best and greatest pilots in history.

3. John Surtees: The King

Giacomo Agostini: The Best MotoGP Riders in History: Rean Times

From England to the world. This giant achieved the feat of being not only 7 times world motorcycling champion, he also won Formula 1 in 1964. He was born in 1934 and his beginnings in motorcycling were when he was 17 years old. He was characterized by being an extremely meticulous pilot with every detail: he checked even the smallest thing, from the conditions of the seat, handlebars to the levers. How not to be if he was already a star.

His passion and obsession to compete led him to participate in Formula 1 proving that he was made of oak: he told the world that he could and won the motorsports jackpot in 1964. A feat that no one has surpassed until now. For these important reasons, John Surtees is the king of racing, one of the greatest and most important drivers in history.

4. Marc Marquez: The Superstar

MM93 Brno 2014 Marc Marquez 2014 Crash or save - YouTube

The eight-time MotoGP winner, Marc Márquez, has shown his great talent in racing and has set important records in this competition. In 2013 he became the youngest rider to win MotoGP, beating Freddie Spencer’s records. Without a doubt, he is a promise that has given much to talk about because of his strategy and mystique when it comes to running.

Born in Cervera, Spain, this rider showed an attraction to racing motorcycles from the age of four. Since then he has been concerned with training until he can reach the World Motorcycle Championship. His youth has not been an obstacle, on the contrary, it has driven him to win world records and be one of the best and most successful drivers in the history of this World Championship.

5. Valentino Rossi: A Man of Records

Giacomo Agostini: The Best Moto GP Riders in History: Rean Times

He is another of the successful Italians who marked the history of MotoGP. He won 9 world championship titles, in fact, he has the most podium title in this competition with 235. He has also been the only rider to win in 4 totally different classes in MotoGP. His great debut was in 1996 and his first world championship was achieved the following year.

He has worked for important brands such as Honda, Yamaha, and Ducati. In the year 2021, this star formally announces his retirement from the competition. It should be noted that this talented driver also participated in other events such as the World Rally Championship and the Monza Rally Show. Also, he was very famous for his eccentric personality, especially when it came to dressing on and off the track. An idol and one of the best pilots without a doubt!

6. Mike Hailwood: An Emerging Talent

Mike Hailwood wins the 1961 Senior Isle of Man TT Race - YouTube

He is another Englishman who has marked the history of the world of motorcycling by winning 9 world titles in the 1960s with 37 victories, 14 of which were on the Isle of Man in the Tourist Trophy. This promise was part of the Honda team for being the most influential brand of that time. This pilot was always characterized by his great ability to pilot, which made him stand out from the other competitors.

Valentino Rossi Net Worth 2022: World Richest MotoGP Rider

After a long and successful career, he decided to join the world of motorsports to also be part of Formula 1 . Unlike John Surtees, Hailwood competed in the Junior category winning 3 races but his success was not entirely clear although he did a good job. In 1981 he suffered a tragic accident that took his life. Since then he has left a legacy with a mark within the world of racing and is recognized as one of the best drivers of all time.

7. Mick Doohan: The Star

RacingTogether: The Doohan years - Rean Times

Of Australian origin, this rider dominated 5 consecutive MotoGP titles during the 1990s. Doohan’s talent in the world of motorcycling was demonstrated in 1989 with the sponsorship of Honda and since then he has been giving reasons to be among the best riders.

From there, he imposed his passion for racing and began to make himself known more and more until he achieved important victories and records in the history of the most important motorcycle championship. Mick Doohan wanted to do the same in Formula 1 but was unsuccessful.

His career was full of ups and downs: many successes but also many accidents that compromised his high performance in the future. It was in 1999 after having suffered an accident that he formalized his retirement from competition. Since then he was part of this organization externally until 2004, even, he has even attributed some responsibility in the talented career of Valentino Rossi.

Many names are part of the history of motorcycling, but few are those who deserve to be called the best riders in all of MotoGPWith the passage of time, new talents will come. We will be on the lookout to meet them.

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