The Best Movies Of All Time In The Eyes Of The Audience 2022

Most people like to watch movies, now go to the cinema or watch it at home, but definitely watch. The best movies of all time in the eyes of the audience.

But did you know that hundreds of films are released every year, although in Pakistan this number is not very high in Bollywood or Hollywood innumerable films are released every year?

Now some are successful and some are unsuccessful or some are average. So the decision to re-watch any of these movies is not an easy task. However, the website Bright Side selected 50 movies based on the votes of the movie viewers who liked them very much and like to watch them again and again. ۔

Most people like to watch movies, now go to the cinema or watch it at home, but definitely watch.

The Best Movies Of All Time In The Eyes Of The Audience

Now it is difficult to give a complete list, but the names of some of them and their numbers are listed in the list.

12. Gladiator, 2000

This is the story of a Roman general who is betrayed and his family is assassinated by a corrupt son of a king, then Rome comes to a Gladiator’s Rome to take revenge.

11. Interstellar, 2014

This film is based on space travel  Christopher Nolan’s and it also is called great. It shows the search for a new home in the universe to avoid the threat to human survival posed by food shortages. Their trap and in the black hole and the story all are worth watching.

10. Se7en, 1995

It would not be wrong to say that this film is one of the best mystery and thriller films, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, it is the story of two police officers who have a serial killer. Searching, this movie ends on a twist that you will not forget for a long time.

9. The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

This second film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is unique in that it captures the power of human courage and determination. Each character looks fit in his place and the film also shows Batman with a superhero, a common man who gets into trouble and becomes helpless but does not give up and overcomes all obstacles to reach his city. Saves

8. Godfather, 1972

The Godfather Mario Peugeot’s novel of the same name, shot in 1972 by director Francis Ford Coppola and actors such as Marilyn Brando, El Pacino, and Jazz San, is a classic film based on the Italian mafia’s activities in the United States. It also enchants the viewers.

7. The Lord of the Rings:

The last part of the Lord of the Rings series is about three and a half hours long but the struggle shown in it is so interesting that people never get tired of watching it, director Peter Jackson’s film won the most Oscar awards. It is an honor to be involved in films.

6. The Matrix, 1999

If you are interested in watching science fiction, then such a claim cannot be made without watching this movie.

The unique scientific concept presented in this 1999 film is difficult for most people to digest, ie what is reality, is the world around us real or illusory, as well as it was the best action film B in particular. The first 2 films of this series cannot compete with the other 2 films.

5. Pulp Fiction, 1994

Can a simple way of life lead to real happiness, without shedding too much effort? Flowing in can be a guarantee of success and that is the main idea of ​​this film. Directed by Robert Zemax in 1994, the film is a romance film in which the protagonist is not intelligent, but he accidentally gives birth to several historical moments and this is what drove the viewers away.

4. Fight Club

A common man meets a salesman selling soap and a complicated relationship develops between them when they decide to fight each other. This is the best film based on a novel that doesn’t make sense to pass the time, you will be amazed to see how much a simple story is full of curiosity.

3. Inception, 2010

This mind-blowing science fiction film is also considered the best attempt in this category of the 21st century. Interestingly, it can be included not only in science fiction but also in drama, thriller, and other categories.

At its heart is the character of Leonardo DiCaprio, who specializes in stealing corporate information.

2. The Dark Knight, 2008

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film is a classic in the Batman series. The villain, the hero, the director’s hard work on each character, the story, and other things made him the best. The villain Joker in particular is considered one of the few great villain characters in the history of Hollywood.

1. The Shawshank Redemption, 1994

So often times life traps anyone in a difficult situation in which there is no guilt, but from that moment it is known how the person hidden inside can overcome the situation and nothing is impossible for him.

This interesting and classic film by Morgan Freeman in which two prisoners have been imprisoned for many years changes their prison in such a way that it seems to be an extraordinary and out-of-world prison. Released in 1994, the film was directed by Frank Darabont and is a film that, when viewed, feels like watching for the first time.

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