The Richest Footballers in The World Right Now 2022

We bring you the latest list of the richest footballers in the world, their current net worth, weekly salaries, referrals, football clubs, and more.

Football, or soccer as it is called everywhere, is one of the greatest sports in the world. It’s a game that brings people from different tribes and countries together.

Football has made great players past and present. Unique players with unique play styles team up to play as one under the voice and guidance of a manager who brings in the tactics and various techniques to defeat their opponent.

Because players have different skills and play styles, most are better than others, and most are just average, this leads to the diversity of each player’s weekly salaries and net worth.

The fact that money rules the world in football is nothing new to any of us. Nevertheless, for us average earners it is hard to imagine the sums most top players hoard in their accounts.

The Richest Footballers In The World

They are the richest professional footballers in the world. You have made an extremely large fortune in your career. 1st place is a real surprise!

Undoubtedly, considering so many factors, the ranking of the richest players in the world can change. A look at the list below reveals the world’s richest footballers for 2022.

We’ve compiled their net worth estimates based on their salaries, endorsements, investments, numbers from Celebrity Net Worth and Forbes.

11: Kylian Mbappé: 50 million euros

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Mbappé is said to have earned 50 million euros in the course of his career. In an international comparison with the rich of the richest, however, it will certainly make up a lot of ground over the years.

10: Gianluigi Buffon: 70 million euros

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Yes, he’s still playing. Back at Parma, where he began his Serie A career. At Juventus Turin, however, the keeper earned most of his money in his long career and comes to a proud 70 million euros.

9: Paul Pogba:  72 million euros

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The richest French footballer is Paul Pogba, whose fortune is currently estimated at 72 million euros

8: Mesut Özil: 80 million euros

The offensive midfielder, who has been playing at Fenerbahce Istanbul since summer 2021, is in 8th place in the ranking and is the only German in the top 10. With a fortune of 80 million euros, he was able to get this place.

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7: Eden Hazard: 85 million euros

Eden Hazard came in sixth in the ranking. The Belgian international was set to become Real Madrid’s new superstar after CR7 left. In terms of sport, this plan did not work out, but the salary that Hazard collects there comes very close to that of an absolute top star. As a result, among other things, he was able to earn a fortune of  85 million euros.

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6: Gareth Bale: 130 million euros

In the meantime, Gareth Bale would have problems ranking the best footballers in the world in 5th place. But thanks to his monster contract with Real Madrid, Gareth Bale was not only able to win the Champions League four times, but also a good chunk of coal that catapulted him to fifth place in this ranking. Bale’s fortune amounts to  130 million euros.

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5: Neymar Jr: 160 million euros

His € 222m move from Barcelona to Paris will have boosted his fortune again thanks to an astronomical salary. It is currently estimated at 160 million euros – and since Neymar is a lot younger than many other players in this ranking, one can assume that he will overtake one or the other in the course of his career.

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4: Zlatan Ibrahimović: 180 million euros

The Swedish striker has built a brand that goes beyond football. With his extremely self-confident, sometimes arrogant manner, he polarized and became a highly paid advertising figure.

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It is estimated that he amassed a fortune of around 180 million euros.

3: Cristiano Ronaldo: 500 million euros

For many experts, Messi and Ronaldo are almost at eye level in terms of sport, but CR7 is left behind in this duel, he comes to a fortune of around 450 million euros

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2: Lionel Messi: 600 million euros

The world footballer ends up just ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo in this ranking, but still not in the first place. With an estimated fortune of 510 million euros, the Argentine will probably be able to cope with that. 

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1: Faiq Bolkiah: 20 Billion US Dollars

The current fortune of the barely 20-year-old is estimated at 20 billion US dollars. Bolkiah is the son of the current Sultan of Brunei – which probably explains this immense sum. He is currently playing in the second team of the Portuguese club CS Maritimo.

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As you have probably noticed, only one German player made it onto the list. But Germany’s professional footballers don’t have to worry

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