6 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for Spectrum Mobile

There are so many options for you to stay connected online. Internet service providers offer various technologies, speeds, and bandwidths. Moreover, the packages can sometimes include cable TV and phone lines. So, before you decide which package works best, you first have to choose a provider. They can differ in connectivity, coverage, and customer care. So, each comes with its pros and cons. In this article, we will show you 6 things to know before you sign up for Spectrum Mobile.

Common choices these days are mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) like Spectrum mobile. They are different from usual ISPs because most don’t have their own network. In fact, they are completely wireless communication services. And most of them pair up with already available network infrastructure from a third party. Apart from the technical POV, you might also feel some usage differences. 

What Is Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum is also offering MVNO services to its customers. Being a wireless network, they piggyback on another major operator’s infrastructure. Moreover, they also use Spectrum’s immense network of Wi-Fi hotspots. So, the already available network could be much more extensive.

As a result, the mobile plan might be better than most cellular networks. But not everyone is eligible to get the service, and you have to meet certain requirements set by the provider.

Are There Any Eligibility Requirements?

Spectrum offers mobile plans for customers who have subscribed to the internet service. Otherwise, you might have to get the service separately. Moreover, you need to take up the auto-pay service and maintain a good credit score. Unlike other MVNOs, Spectrum does not support your own device. So, you also need to buy a Spectrum mobile phone which can be frustrating. But if you meet all these requirements, you might not have to tap into your cellular network.

Which Devices Does It Work On?

Many MVNOs support your own devices, but things are different with Spectrum. You can trade your previous device, or buy a new one from the provider. If you want to keep your cell phone, you have to check whether it is compatible or not. All you have to do is enter your device’s IMEI number on Spectrum’s official website. Then, you can take up the BYOD service or get a new one.

Once you sort out your device compatibility, you can choose a monthly plan. You don’t have to get a new number with Spectrum. In fact, it can work with a ported number from any carrier with a Spectrum SIM card.

Moreover, all devices have to be activated before choosing the mobile service. This way, you can use your device with any carrier. If you think your device is locked, you should talk to your previous provider. The company also suggests upgrading your phone’s software to the latest version. The list of supported devices includes most iOS and Android models.  

What Are the Plans?  

Spectrum’s MVNO offers three different packages

  • By the Gig  
  • Unlimited   
  • Unlimited Plus  

In all these plans, you get unlimited voice and text messages. If you choose by the gig, you can access a fixed data limit. So, it can be best for light users. Although, the provider can throttle your speed. 

You can get unlimited surf and stream with the Unlimited and Unlimited Plus packages at fairly affordable rates. Moreover, you also have access to 5G with the Plus package. Although, in the first 30 days, Spectrum can restrict you to one line no matter which package you are on.

Is There a Contract?  

You don’t have to sign a fixed-time contract with the company. So, this makes it easier to change packages and even providers. You can decide to cancel your package within 30 days of the payment cycle. Then, you only have to pay the monthly fee and any outstanding device charges. Moreover, you can also get a refund for your device if you return it within 30 days. Afterward, you might also have to pay a restocking fee.    

How Is Customer Service?  

Before you choose any ISP, you should know how good or bad their customer service is. They will probably be the first and last department you get in touch with before onboarding. But it doesn’t end there. In case you come across a connectivity issue, you will need to talk to customer service. So, your experience with the company can rely on your interactions with the support staff.  

Hence, it is important to know what you’re dealing with. You can ask some existing customers whether they’re satisfied or not. It can be a good idea to read some online reviews about the provider. The response times in your early interactions can also be important. If you choose the provider, you have three different ways to get in touch with them. You can dial their number, email them, or go down to a service station.

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