Top 7 Tips For Beginners To Sports Betting: Best Betting Tips

Top Tips For Beginners To Sports Betting: Making money in bets is not luck, but knowledge of nuances and adherence to principles. Newbies often do not understand where to start – they read a couple of articles from successful players, and then they start betting and lose all the money on the first night.

Top 7 Tips For Beginners To Sports Betting

We will tell you how to choose a bookmaker company, how much you can earn in betting, and what strategy to use for novice gamblers.

1. Where is The Best Place To Bet On Sports

In legal bookmakers. They are licensed by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. There are only 15 legal bookmaker companies in Russia. They pay taxes, their activities are regulated by Law 244-FZ. It is not safe to bet at .betting companies.

An illegal bookmaker may refuse to pay out the winnings, without a reason to block the account. Often such companies are registered somewhere in the offshore zone, so it is useless to sue them. Legal bookmakers are safe – in case of violations, they can lose their license.

2. How To Choose a Bookmaker Company

To choose a bookmaker, see their website. Pay attention to:

  • The number of events in the line. A line is a list of all sporting events that you can bet on. It should contain interesting sports and a detailed list – bets not only on the outcome of the match but also on additional indicators – comparison of goals, handicaps, individual results of players.
  • The number of live events. Live is a bet that a bookmaker offers to make during a match. Live odds change over time. So, you can catch the bookmaker at an overestimated odds or recoup if the original bet on the event is lost.
  • Site interface. You should be comfortable using the site. The simpler and clearer the interface, the more convenient it is to keep track of the odds and choose options for a bet.
  • Reviews about the office. Make sure the bookmaker pays out winnings on time, provides quick withdrawals, conducts fair promotions, and gives away prizes.

Many players register with several bookmakers and compare the odds. This tactic can help you earn more, but it takes a lot of time.

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When choosing an office, pay attention to the conditions for obtaining free bets. Freebets are free bets that the bookmaker issues for registration, first deposit, participation in promotions. With their help, you can make the first bets. If you lose, you will not lose your money, and if you win, you will receive the first funds to your account.

Comparison of the main bookmakers:

  • “Fonbet”. Wide line, high odds, free bets up to 10,000 rubles for new clients.
  • “League of Betting”. A wide line, average odds, three free bets of 500 rubles each for new clients.
  • Part-Match. A wide line, high odds, a bonus of 2500 rubles for new customers.
  • “Marathon”. Wide line, high odds, free bet up to 5000 rubles for new players.

Top 7 Betting Tips for Beginners

3. What Sport is Better To Bet On

Better to bet on the sport you are into. This will make it easier to assess the balance of power and calculate the risk of the bet. Rely on the amount of information available about the sport.

For example, many journalists do analyzes of football matches, but only a few write about bobsleigh. In football, you will know which player was injured – they write about this in the media. But the characteristics of the new bean of the Italian national team are unlikely to be written.

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Don’t bet only on the outcome of an event. For example, in football, you can bet on the number of yellow cards, corner kicks, half-time comparison, handicap. The more options there are, the easier it is to find information that will help you place a bet.

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4. Which Strategy To Choose

Strategy is the system that the player is guided by when making a bet. There are two basic strategies – catch and flat. It is better for a beginner to start with these strategies and then move on to more complex ones.

Dogon is a strategy in which a player bets on one event, and if he loses, he increases the size of the bet according to a certain formula. When the player wins, he returns to the initial bet and starts over. With this strategy, the player will ultimately be in the black. But if the losing streak drags on, then the player may not have enough money for the next bet.

For beginners, catching up on totals is suitable. If attacking teams play, you predict the total more, defensive teams – the total is less. When betting on totals, take into account the specifics of the league, the performance, and the motivation of the teams.

The flat is a strategy in which the player bets a fixed percentage of the pot. For example, advanced players bet 5% of the bank – this way they risk more, but thanks to knowledge they quickly increase their capital. For beginners, it is better to bet no more than 1% of the bank – this is a slower and less risky option.

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Forks – a strategy in which the player uses the difference in the odds of several bookmakers, bets on all outcomes of one event, and stays in the black. Most bookmakers fight arbors and lower their highs.

Catching up on draws is a strategy in which the player always bets on draws. A draw is a rare outcome with high odds. To bet on draws, you need to analyze the teams’ play, their results, and also be ready to stay in the red for a long time.

Value bets – a strategy in which the player places only on erroneously high odds. For bets on “value”, the bookmaker can also punish.

5. How Much Can You Earn On Bets?

An ordinary user who is fond of sports and occasionally glances at statistics can increase his bank by 10-15% per month. Most often, such players place bets for fun and do not engage in betting strategies: calculating the bookmaker’s margin, calculating the percentage of winnings, searching for new systems.

Man, Money, Tablet, Bet, Success, Win, Lottery, Jackpot

There are advanced players who earn more. They are called cappers. They understand strategies, pitfalls in different bookmakers, specialize in specific sports. Cuppers often make money not only by betting but also by selling their knowledge – consultations, training for novice players, paid predictions.

6. How To Learn To Bet On Sports

There are a lot of articles and videos on the Internet on how to properly bet on sports. They are useful for getting a superficial knowledge of betting. However, without practice, you are unlikely to figure out how much money and on which event you need to bet.

Place virtual bets. This is a type of bet in which you place a bet not on money, but on virtual currency. This type of bet is also called a demo account. Now it is offered by bookmaker Winline and Betty. Through a demo account, you can gain experience, understand how the betting platform works, and test different strategies.

If the bookmaker you like does not offer a demo account, then make it yourself. Write down your prediction, bet size, and bookmaker odds on paper or electronically and keep a record of the success of your bets.

You can try contacting the cappers. But remember that there are scammers among tippers. Successful cappers make big money betting. They know how to catch a bookmaker making mistakes, where to get statistics, and how to analyze them.

Why would they, even for money, share their knowledge if they can spend this time earning money? If you still decide to find a mentor, then study his social networks and find reviews about him. If the capper offers information on match-fixing on social networks, and there are few reviews, then you are a scammer.

7. How To Start Placing Bets and Not Go Into The Red

Assess the risks. Making money on betting is difficult, you need to learn it. Start betting without using real money – via guest accounts or notebook entries. This may seem frivolous, but it will help you assess your capabilities.

When moving on to real money betting, allocate an amount that you will not mind losing. Test different strategies. If you’ve spent all the money but haven’t come up with a successful strategy, stop.

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