Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses of TV Series

Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses: Over the past ten years, the Turkish TV series market has been developing at an incredible pace. And, of course, with such an abundance of new projects, actresses appear whose popularity can only be envied.

Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses

All of these girls were able to conquer the Turkish entertainment industry. Now fans admire their talents, never getting tired of making compliments to oriental beauties. So who are they, the most attractive actresses in Turkey?

1. Hande Erçel (27 years old)

  • The series “Knock on my door” made Hande a star

Now Hande Erçel is the most popular actress in Turkey. It is not surprising, because the girl played a major role in the sensational series “Knock on my door.” The ratings of the project were already huge, but when it turned out that Hande was dating his on-screen partner Kerem Bursin, the numbers jumped to the skies.

In an interview, Erchel admitted many times that she is still not used to her fabulous popularity. No wonder, because only on Instagram, more than 25 million people subscribed to it. “Being recognizable is very nice. 

You understand that there are people who are interested in you. What matters is how you look at it. I tend to treat people with love and respect. And, of course, I expect a mutual relationship. If they cross this line, then I don’t particularly focus on this, ”the actress shared. The appearance of the actress is admired around the world

Most often, fans admire the naturalness of Erchel. Actually, the beauty and popularity of the girl did their job: now several cosmetic brands are collaborating with her.

2. Fahriye Evgen (35 years old)

  • On the set of the TV series “Korolek – a singing bird” Fahriye met Burak Ozcivit

Of course, this list could not do without the wife of the most beautiful actor in Turkey, Burak Ozcivit. But do not think that Fahriye is just someone’s wife. The artist was quite popular even before meeting with Burak.

After the TV series “Falling Leaves”, only the lazy did not admire Evgen’s appearance. Thanks to the film adaptation of the novel “Korolek – a singing bird” Fahriye managed to climb the Olympus of Turkish show business. After giving birth, the actress began to look even sexier.

The actress is so popular that brands are willing to pay a fortune to collaborate with her. At the same time, information about plastic surgeries allegedly performed by Fahriye appears in the press every now and then. One way or another, the star looks great, and her patience in the fight against rumors about her own appearance can only be envied.

3. Meryem Uzerli (38 years old)

Of course, this list could not do without her. When the TV series “The Magnificent Age” was released in 2011, Uzerli literally woke up famous. Fans fell in love with the actress just for her unusual appearance: the red-haired, big-eyed actress was a real benchmark for millions of fans.

And then Meryem suddenly began to change. The actress was constantly accused of plastic surgery and passion for cosmetic procedures. All these interventions had a negative impact on Uzerli’s appearance, but she had the strength to stop in time. “When I had a period of self-doubt, I did Botox but overdid it. Since then, for a long time I have not done anything with my face, ”Meryem later said. The actress experimented a lot with her appearance but returned to naturalness.

Not so long ago, Userli became a mother for the second time. After giving birth, the actress was able to quickly return to shape. Now she is already shooting with might and main in new projects and it is simply impossible to believe that the star will turn forty in a couple of years!

4. Demet Ozdemir (29 years old)

Demet belongs to the category of artists who quickly achieve success in the profession. The actress began acting in 2013, and already in 2014, she became a star thanks to the TV series Kurt Seit and Alexandra. It was followed by the melodramas “The Smell of Strawberries” and “Early Bird”, thanks to which she earned wide recognition in Turkey.

Of course, some haters claim that the actress has achieved such popularity only because of her appearance. Still, it is extremely difficult to resist the charm of a brunette. However, with each new role, Ozdemir proves that she is not deprived of talent. The actress loves compliments, and her Instagram is full of beautiful photos

The only thing Demet has no luck with is his personal life. Relations with artist Yusuf Chim turned out to be scandalous: the stars now and then publicly quarreled, and then violently reconciled. 

After breaking up with her boyfriend, the artist began dating Sechkin Ozdemir, but this union did not last long either. Demet herself does not despair yet and continues to believe in love.

5. Neslihan Atagul (29 years old)

Neslihan Atagul, unlike many colleagues, did not get into the acting world by chance. The actress has repeatedly admitted that since childhood she knew about her vocation and went to fulfill her dream.

“When I was 13, I found the contacts of an acting agency and called them. I found out all the information and began to ask my mother to take me to this agency. Mom always believed in me, so she immediately agreed. Since this, all started”. the star said.

The main breakthrough for Neslihan was the series “Black Love”. When the project was released, only the lazy did not admire the individuality and attractiveness of the star. This was followed by “The Ambassador’s Daughter”, which also quickly found its audience. The girl has an unusual appearance, but this is precisely her highlight

Atagul herself is sure that the reason for her popularity lies in her sincerity. The actress is always open to the public, she does not hesitate to show her weaknesses. In addition, Neslihan constantly appears on social networks without makeup, considering some of the flaws in his appearance as his highlight, which does not need to be hidden. So how do you resist her charm?

6. Serenay Sarikaya (30 years old)

Like many beauties, Serenay began her career as a model. In 2010, she even won the title of “Miss Turkey”, and this once again confirms that the girl’s entry into our top is not an accident.

Sarikaya is still working as a model, but her priorities have long shifted to the serial area. The main success in Serenay’s career was the project “Tide”, which is still adored by millions of viewers. But then the artist could not find a strong script for a long time. The actress exploits the image of the fatal beauty

Actually, she is still engaged in these searches, having put her career on pause in 2019. But the temporary lull does not prevent us from admiring the appearance of Serenay.

7. Nur Fettahoglu (41 years old)

Noor got into the film industry almost by accident. The actress married Murat Aysan, who had connections in the creative environment. At first, the artist was content with small roles, but soon became famous all over the world thanks to the “Magnificent Age”.

Fans noted that Fettahoglu is in no way inferior to his main on-screen rival – Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska performed by Meryem Uzerli. Then all the fans of Turkish melodramas admired her facial features. Noor already has three divorces behind her, but this does not bother her at all

Looking at the photos of Noor now, it’s hard to believe that the actress is already over 40! Fettahoglu looks flawless, and all thanks to hard work on himself. In a word, a dream woman.

8. Aycha Aishin Turan (29 years old)

If you can still disagree with the previous names of the actresses on this list, referring to the subjectivity of the compiler of the top, then no questions should arise here. 

In early November, the Turkish media conducted a survey among viewers of television series to find out the name of the most beautiful actress. Unexpectedly, it was not Hande Ercel who won, but Aycha Aishin Turan

According to the inhabitants of Turkey, the main advantage of this artist is her natural beauty. Indeed, Turan has never been convicted of plastic surgery, and on the screen, the girl looks simply stunning. The appearance of the actress is admired by millions of fans

But outside of Turkey, Aichu Aishin Turan is not yet well known, but in 2021 the series “Tale on the Island” with her participation was just launched, which is already rapidly gaining popularity. So take note of this name.

9. Berguzar Korel (39 years old)

In the late 2000s, Berguzar was so beautiful that even Halit Ergench could not resist. For the sake of a new passion, the actor even divorced his wife, and then publicly defended the chosen one in front of journalists and haters. 

The couple proved that they are connected by truly sincere feelings: recently Korel gave birth to Ergench’s third child.

In fairness, it should be said that the artist at 39 looks just fine. At the same time, the star regularly appears in public without makeup, not at all embarrassed by skin problems or age-related changes. “I never played fame. I don’t have to put on makeup every time I go out just because I’m famous. And I am sure that a smile and a look change a person. You don’t need more, ”the artist shared. She recently became a mother for the third time

She is an example for millions of Turkish women, not only because of his appearance. The actress actively fights for gender equality and opposes discrimination and harassment on any grounds.

10. Ozge Gurel

Fans appreciate Ozge for her individuality and unique appearance, thanks to which it is unrealistic to confuse the artist with someone else. Gurel herself noted many times that she was embarrassed by receiving endless compliments from fans. She herself is much more concerned about creative self-improvement, and not a constant concern for appearance. Most often, the actress is praised for her sincerity and spontaneity.

Now the actress plays the main roles mainly in melodramas. The series “Mr. Mistake” and “Full Moon” with her participation had excellent ratings, but they do not have so many fans outside of Turkey. 

Of course, there is no doubt that sooner or later Gurel will achieve international success: with such an appearance and talent, a breakthrough will definitely come.

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