Top 10 Most Popular Sports 2022

When it comes to world-famous sports, it is rather difficult to say which of them is the top 10 most popular sports, because there are 7 billion people in the world, and everyone has their own tastes and preferences. That is why there is such a variety of sports in the world. Whether it’s football, tennis, hockey, or something else, every game has its own fans.

But the most important parameter is their popularity and the number of viewers. The more fans a game has, the more popular it is. By the way, in countries such as Spain, Australia, and India, sports events are often held, which fans from all over the world follow with pleasure.


So, in this rating, you are invited to the best and most popular sports with millions of fans from all over the planet.

10. GOLF

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Golf is one of the most popular sports. With 600 million fans around the world, golf ranks high among the official sports.


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This game has become very popular over the past with over 200 million viewers. Rugby is one of the most played games in South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina. There are two types of games:

  1. rugby league (or rugby 13),
  2. rugby union (or rugby 15).

By the way, Great Britain is considered the actual homeland of rugby.


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Table tennis is another equally interesting and popular game. It is also considered the fastest game. Worldwide, there are over 300 million fans of the game, which allows it to stay in the ranks of the most popular. Table tennis was invented in the United States, and in China, it is the second most popular.


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The national game of most of the Nordic countries, including Canada, the United States, and Russia, is the second most famous game on the subcontinent. Gradually, hockey won the attention of people all over the world, conquering the hearts of billions.


Basketball, Professional, Nba, Action, Competition

The fifth most popular in the world is basketball. This game is most loved by teenagers in America. Basketball has captured the attention of over 500 million viewers around the planet.

By the way, personally, I am also a basketball fan and have been doing it since childhood. And the most important achievement of any basketball player is, of course, participation in the National Basketball Association (NBA).


Hit, Catcher, Baseball, Home Plate, Baseball Game, Team
Another pastime for Americans. Besides the United States, the sport is also widespread in Japan and Taiwan. This game has over 600 million fans in 11 countries around the world. Players of Baseball are among the richest athletes.


Arizona Volleyball wins two out of three in Cactus Classic - The Daily Wildcat
The number of volleyball fans reaches 900 million, making this sport the fourth most popular sport. Volleyball is most widespread in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. Athletes from over 100 countries participate in the competition.

Basically, volleyball is played on the beaches for fun.


Tennis, Play, Tennis Court, Ball, Racket, Racquet

Tennis is rightfully ranked third among the most popular sports, as the number of its fans exceeds 1 billion people! The most popular venues for tennis competitions are Australia and the USA, where everyone’s favorite tournaments are held annually.

And the most beautiful in the whole world are the Russians Anna Kournikova and Masha Sharapova.


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Cricket is not widespread in many countries, but this does not prevent it from remaining one of the most popular games and having more than 3 billion fans around the planet. Crazy numbers of cricket fans live in Pakistan, England, India, and Australia. Various forms of cricket play add to its popularity and appeal. Interest in this sport does not fade, especially in the game in the T-20 style.


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Topping the list of the most popular sports is, of course, football, which has more than 4 billion fans around the world. Many footballers are also the highest-paid athletes in the world. Therefore, often, when buying out footballers from various clubs, we are faced with the most expensive transfer in the history of this sport.

Football is the most popular sport because everyone can play football. Therefore, it is not even necessary to explain why football attracts people so much. The most famous are the English and Spanish Premier Leagues.

And every four years, the World Football Championships are held, which are a significant event not only for fans but also for people who are not even particularly interested in football

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