Top Paid Players in NBA

Every NBA player is well paid, but some boys bring the bacon home. The skills are excellent, the gifts given to God are enviable, but perhaps the most impressive is the revenues. In this article, we will talk about the Top Paid Players in NBA.
NBA players have two main sources of income: team salaries and recommendations from companies and brands. The best sports earners earned more from the court through lucrative approvals and sports deals than their overly generous salaries.

Top Paid Players in NBA

Here are the top 10 best-paid players in the NBA.





LeBron James $ 95.4 million


Kevin Durant $ 65.2 million


James Harden $ 50 million


Clay Thompson $ 43.3 million


Chris Paul $ 40.1 million

2. Stephen Curry

$ 74.4 million
4. Russell Westbrook

$ 58.1 million
6. Janis Antetonunmo

$ 49 million
8. Kiri Irving

$ 43 million
10. Damian Leeard

$ 39 million

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