50 Top Universities of Asia 2022 (Speciality: Social Sciences And Managment)

We bring to your attention a list of the top universities of Asia according to the QS University Rankings: Asia. The rating is based on the results of international studies of the quality of training students in five different specialties, including management and social sciences (sociology, law, accounting, etc.).

Top Universities of Asia

Below are the top universities in Asia.


Until recently, the University of Hong Kong was confidently leading the list of the best higher educational institutions in Asia, but in 2014 the situation changed. The National University of Singapore is the absolute leader in our ranking.

In the preparation of students in management and social sciences, the University of Singapore has no equal, the quality of education in four other analyzed areas claims a silver medal. Among other specialties, statistics (7th place in the world), communications, and media (9th place) were highly rated.


Leading institution in Japan and the only university in Asia to surpass the National University of Singapore: absolute leader in four out of five majors analyzed. In the overall ranking of QS University Rankings: Asia, the University of Tokyo is ranked 10th.

As for social sciences, the university carries out the highest quality training of specialists in the following areas: political science and international relations (12th place in the world), statistics (14th place), and economics (19th place).


Peking University is best known for the high quality of education in the following specialties:

  • Social Sciences,
  • Management,
  • Humanitarian sciences,
  • Natural Sciences.

In the world ranking, the university occupies 8th place, and also (according to scientists and employers) wins a bronze medal among higher educational institutions in Asia. In the subject ranking of social sciences, the following specialties showed the highest results: political science (21st in the world), finance and accounting (30th position), and economics (33rd).


Another worthy university in Asia, 3rd place in the list of Asian universities in 2014, previously the absolute leader in the ranking. In the subject ranking of 2014, the following specialties were highly rated:

  • pedagogy (16th place in the world),
  • political science (16th position),
  • finance and accounting (18th place),
  • law (18th place).

The latter position is especially honorable since universities in the UK, Australia, and the USA usually lead in the field of jurisprudence.


Seoul National University, South Korea, has confidently established itself among the best universities in Asia (Social Sciences and Management) and is ranked 4th in the overall ranking of QS University Rankings: Asia. Like all institutions represented in the ” golden ” ten, Seoul National University has an excellent international reputation.

The most successful areas were: communications and media (28th position in the world ranking), sociology, political science, and international relations (all in 30th place).


This year in 6th place in the overall Asian ranking. China National University is renowned throughout the world for its outstanding specialists in social sciences, art history, humanities, natural sciences, and medicine. Among the social sciences in the subject ranking, the leaders are communications and media (19th place in the world), pedagogy (25th place), finance, and accounting (27th position).


Second, after Tokyo University in Japan, it is ranked 12th in the overall QS University Rankings: Asia, having recently dropped out of the top ten. While some indicators weaken Kyoto’s position in the overall rankings, some scholars rank it as the 4th best university in Asia.

As for the social sciences, the most outstanding results were shown by such specialties: political science and international relations (23rd in the world) and economics (42nd position).


The triumphant of last year’s overall ranking of universities in Asia is ranked 5th this year. As you might expect, the university shows high results in the field of science and design, but the indicators of the areas of social sciences and management are also quite high: statistics (15th in the world), finance and accounting (19th place), economics (30 th position).


For all five majors studied, Tsinghua University is ranked 5th in the Asian ranking of the best higher education institutions. According to employers’ recommendations, Tsinghua is the fourth in Asia, but lower results on other indicators do not allow this university to rise above the 14th position in the Asia-wide ranking.

In the subject ranking of social sciences, the best results were shown by statistics (20th place), economics (37th place), and political science (41st place).


Nanyang University is literally treading on the heels of Singapore National University in international and local rankings. This year, having climbed three positions, it is ranked 7th in the overall list of QS University Rankings: Asia and is included in the Top 20 higher education institutions in all five majors analyzed.

Among the social sciences, the following areas were named the best: communications and media (6th in the world, three positions higher than the National University of Singapore), pedagogy (14th), finance, and accounting (28th).

11. Fudan University, China

12. Taiwan National University, Taiwan

13. Waseda University, Japan

14. Yonsei University, South Korea

15. Korea National University, South Korea

16. Keio University, Japan

17. Hong Kong State University, Hong Kong

18. University Hitotsubashi, Japan

19. Chulalongkorn University, Taiwan

20. Shanghai Yao Tong University, China

21. Osaka University, Japan

22. Singkyungkwan University, South Korea

23. People’s University of China, China

24. Beijing Normal University, China

25. Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

26. National University of Indonesia, Indonesia

27. Nanyang University, China

28. Delhi University, India

29. National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

30. Korea University of Science and Technology Development, South Korea

31. Sheiyang University, China

32. Yawaharial Neiru University, India

33. Gadya Mada University, Indonesia

34. University of the Philippines, Philippines

35. Nagoya University, Japan

36. Chengchi National University, Taiwan

37. Kobe University, Japan

38. Tohoku University, Japan

39. Hokkaido University, Japan

40. Tammasata University, Thailand

41. Kebangsaa University of Malaysia, Malaysia

42. Sun Yat-sen University, China 43. Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

44. Sans University Malaysia, Malaysia

45. Tsukuba University, Japan

46. ​​Kyushu University, Japan

47. Songang University, South Korea

48. Wuhan University, China

49 Hanyan University, South Korea

50. Bandung Technical University, Indonesia

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