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The owners of “apple” gadgets want to achieve privacy by protecting themselves from surveillance by authorities and providers. It is also important for many people to securely connect to public Wi-Fi networks and access sites blocked in their country.

VPN is used to solve these problems. However, finding a good service for iPhone and other iOS devices is not easy. Although there are many different applications in the App Store, this abundance just makes it difficult to choose. Users want a simple, reliable, and efficient service that meets their needs.

Top VPNs for iPhone and iOS in 2022

If you want to save time studying a large number of services, use our analysis. Introducing the best VPNs for iOS available on the market today. These are the most relevant services for 2022.

  1. NordVPN is a highly secure service with access to popular platforms, suitable for all versions of iOS 
  2. Cyber ​​Ghost – VPN to access the Internet from most countries
  3. PureVPN is an inexpensive option for Apple mobile devices
  4. SurfShark is an effective budget VPN solution
  5. AtlasVPN is a service that provides any number of connections
  6. Private VPN – the application with the highest level of encryption
  7. IPVanish – service with ultra-fast connection
  8. ExpressVPN is an efficient solution for gamers
  9. Norton VPN is an app with an attractive interface 

1. NordVPN: Best Overall VPN or iPhone

This service is considered the best in the world. NordVPN is an example of true quality and reliability. It provides high security and effective protection against any surveillance, including from the government and the provider.

The service has more than 5 thousand servers located in 59 countries. Due to its characteristics, it is noticeably superior to other similar programs. Users are offered a huge selection of locations.

The new NordLynx protocol ensures high connection speeds. Separate words deserve the company’s policy regarding data protection. You can be sure of the anonymity and safety of information. The developer does not disclose the data of its customers.

NordVPN provides protection against hacker attacks. It protects you from malware and phishing sites. Also, this VPN does not have intrusive ads that annoy some users.

The Kill Switch function becomes a big helper. By enabling it, you will further increase the level of security. Thanks to this option, the device will automatically disconnect from the Internet when the VPN connection is suddenly interrupted.

Users are offered 3 subscription options: monthly, annual, and two-year. New customers can get refunds within 30 days of signing up. You won’t be able to do it later. In this case, you will need to request a refund in the App Store.

Benefits of this service:

  • Premium quality;
  • high safety and reliability;
  • ease of use;
  • affordable prices;
  • effectiveness of online protection;
  • guaranteed anonymity.
No. of ServersNo. of CountriesPriceMax Device SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
5500+60$11.99 per month6220 – 760 MbpsYes30-day

2. Cyber​​Ghost: Fastest VPN for Streaming

This is one of the best VPN services. CyberGhost showed great results during testing. It is available in over 90 countries and has more than 7400 servers.

The intuitive interface is a big plus. The service provides many security features. The manufacturer adheres to the policy of not saving logs. This eliminates any leaks and hacking. Cyber ​​Ghost is set to the highest cybersecurity standards.

When the VPN connection is interrupted, your device is automatically disconnected from the Internet. Thanks to the privacy protector, the system will notify you if your email address and password are leaked to the dark web. The application provides excellent protection against viruses and other malware.

The service is well-suited for streaming. VPNs give you access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other popular sites. Cyber ​​Ghost has dedicated game servers and an ad blocker.

As for the speed, it is high in case of connection to servers located near you. In other situations, this VPN cannot boast of excellent results. To solve this problem, you have to use additional functions. NoSpy servers become assistants here, you can access them after purchasing an annual subscription.

Unfortunately, Cyber ​​Ghost cannot bypass censorship in countries where Internet access is restricted. These are China, Venezuela, Iran, and some other states.

Benefits of this service:

  • A large number of servers;
  • access to streaming sites;
  • excellent conditions for torrents and online games;
  • high level of security;
  • affordable prices;
  • simple and user-friendly interface.
No. of ServersNo. of CountriesPriceMax Device SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
7000+91$12.99 per month7145 – 850 MbpsYes45-days

3. PureVPN: Most Secure VPN

This is a good VPN that is suitable for any mobile device. It can be installed on “apple” smartphones and tablets. PureVPN is notable for its low price, while it is effective in use.

The application provides a high-speed connection and keeps your data private. The Kill Switch feature allows you to hide your information even if you suddenly disconnect from the VPN network.

Thanks to Split Tunneling, you can ensure complete anonymity. The user himself configures what information is transmitted to the provider, and what remains confidential. Due to this, you will not need to constantly switch between VPN and regular connection.

PureVPN also uses other useful features. These are port forwarding, dedicated IP, and 2P2 connection. There are three subscription options: monthly, 3 months, and 1 year. Up to 70% off with an annual subscription.

Benefits of this service:

  • High speed;
  • ensuring anonymity;
  • possibility to cancel the subscription within 30 days;
  • Kill Switch and Split Tunneling functions;
  • effective protection on the Internet.
No. of ServersNo. of CountriesPriceMax Device SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
6500+78$10.95 per month10180 – 840 MbpsYes31-days

4. SurfShark: Most User Friendly VPN

This is a fast and reliable service, one of the best VPNs for iPhones and iPad. SurfShark has over 3200 servers in 65 countries. It allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

This service is characterized by a very high speed, as well as a secure connection. Thanks to the encryption methods used, users can be sure that their personal information is safe.

You will be protected from malware and theft of important information. The Double Hop feature enhances security, while the Kill Switch prevents insecure connections from occurring.

SurfShark provides access to popular platforms. Among them are Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu. With this VPN, you can stream at high speed. It also blocks ads and pop-ups.

The support service works around the clock. This is a simple, convenient, and inexpensive VPN. It will provide effective protection for devices and help you use the Internet without restrictions.

Among the Positive Aspects of the service it is necessary to highlight:

  • affordable prices with high quality;
  • protection effectiveness;
  • high speed;
  • access to popular services;
  • the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices.


  • There are no obvious disadvantages, but it is slightly inferior to the best services.
No. of ServersNo. of CountriesPriceMax Device SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
3200+65$12.95 per monthUnlimited90 – 790 MbpsYes30-days

5. Atlas VPN: Best for Torrenting on iPhone

This is one of the best budget VPNs. With it, you can use the Internet without geographic restrictions, censorship, and surveillance. AtlasVPN will improve your online experience.

The service provides any number of connections and does not limit the number of devices used. Customers are offered effective protection. You can securely share various files and download torrents.

The service allows for fast streaming in 4K format. AtlasVPN is characterized by a high connection speed. The application blocks ad blocks, malware, and phishing sites. This is achieved thanks to the Tracker Blocker system. The Data Breach Monitor feature is used to protect the account.

AtlasVPN offers effective protection. Thanks to the WireGuard® protocol, web browsing is highly secure. The client’s personal data is under reliable protection.

The most profitable option is to subscribe for 2 years. In this case, you get the maximum discount. In addition, you are given 2 free months as a gift. You can also get your money back within 30 days.

Among the Advantages it is necessary to Highlight:

  • low price;
  • effective protection in the network;
  • good connection speed;
  • convenient file sharing and downloading torrents;
  • account and email protection.

The Disadvantages of the service include:

  • lack of important features (Kill Switch, Multi-Hop, and Split Tunneling).
No. of ServersNo. of CountriesPriceMax Device SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
750+38$10.99 per monthUnlimited80 Mbps (Average)Yes30-days

6. PrivateVPN

It is the fastest-growing VPN in the world. The number of people using this application is constantly increasing. Private VPN servers are located in 63 countries, which allows you to easily access various content. By installing this application on your iPhone, you can easily bypass the restrictions that exist in any country.

A private VPN provides complete privacy. Even the provider will not know what actions you perform on the Internet. The service provides a high level of protection. Your data will not be leaked even if the VPN is suddenly disconnected.

Special attention deserves 2048-bit encryption, which is carried out using AES-256. This is the highest level on the market. These technologies are used even in military structures.

A private VPN allows you to connect up to 6 devices at the same time. Moreover, they will all have different IP addresses. The service is characterized by very high throughput and speed. The support service works 24/7. If for some reason the service did not suit you, you can return the money within 30 days.

Among the advantages of this service are:

  • military-grade encryption;
  • ease of use;
  • high speed;
  • safety;
  • great for iOS;
  • support service efficiency.

Among the Negative Points are:

  • a small number of servers;
  • no built-in firewall.

7. IPVanish: Best for Simultaneous Connection Handling

This is a well-known American service that is well-suited for the iPhone. It’s fast and reliable and provides an excellent level of privacy. IPVanish is characterized by a high connection speed. The service is suitable for streaming and downloading torrents.

The VPN comes with great security features. IPVanish uses split tunneling. There are no log recording user actions. This guarantees privacy on the Internet. With this service, you can use public Wi-Fi. Moreover, your data will not be intercepted by intruders.

IPVanish gives you access to Netflix US, YouTube, and other popular platforms. The service is great for fans of games and streaming. By subscribing, you will get great opportunities. A refund is provided within 30 days. This VPN has over 1000 servers in 60 countries. The application is popular in many countries around the world.

The Benefits of the service include:

  • streaming support;
  • excellent throughput;
  • effective data protection;
  • access to Netflix US, YouTube, and torrents;
  • confidentiality;
  • good value for money.


  • The speed is inferior to the best VPNs.
No. of ServersNo. of CountriesPriceMax Device SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
2000+50+$10.99 per monthUnlimited290 – 930 MbpsYes30-days

8. ExpressVPN: Highest Number of Server Locations

This is another great VPN app for iPhones and iPads. Thanks to this solution, you will experience freedom on the Internet. The service is characterized by high reliability and efficiency for private work.

To download the app, you need to purchase a subscription. After that, you install the program on your device and select the location you need. The server can be found in the “Recommended” and “All Locations” tabs.

After connecting, you can watch videos and download the files you need. Moreover, a high level of security is provided here. ExpressVPN is committed to protecting your privacy.

The service provides an excellent opportunity for fans of online games. You will get access to the right platforms and protect your device from DDoS attacks. If your ISP imposes restrictions on your gaming traffic, a VPN will allow you to solve this problem. You will be able to play at a good speed.

The application is stable, it circumvents censorship very well. ExpressVPN offers locations in 94 countries. The connection is reliable at all points.

The Positive Aspects include:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • connection speed and reliability;
  • first-class encryption;
  • reliable protection against leaks and malware;
  • increased anonymity.

Negative Aspects:

  • Not the cheapest VPN.
Number of ServersNumber of CountriesPriceMax devises SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
3,000+94From $8.32/month5375-430 Mbps24/7 live chat and email30 days

9. Norton VPN: Best for Ad-Free Experience

Norton has an attractive interface, thanks to which this application is very popular. The service provides effective protection against viruses and spyware.

It is simple and easy to use, and the functionality has several language versions. The program has an automatic shutdown system. It works when there is an irregular connection. Thanks to the settings, you can disable the ad block if it bothers you.

The basic package allows you to use the program on 5 devices. If you wish, you can subscribe to another subscription, increasing the number of devices up to 10. Norton VPN provides protection for passwords, bank card data, and other important information. Service speed may vary. It depends on the place of connection and the type of connection. Norton offers locations in 28 countries.

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Users can choose two subscription options – monthly and yearly. In the second case, you can count on a good discount. With an annual subscription, you will receive a 40% discount coupon. If you are looking for a good and inexpensive VPN for iPad and iPhone, Norton will be your choice. This is an excellent service based on the ratio of quality and value.

Among the Advantages of Norton VPN it is worth mentioning:

  • attractiveness and convenience of the interface;
  • ease of use;
  • data leakage protection;
  • attractive prices;
  • the possibility of a refund within 60 days.


  • there is a decrease in speed after connecting to some locations.
Number of ServersNumber of CountriesPriceMax Devices SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
2,000+31From $2.49/month1085-230 Mbps24/7 phone, live chat, and email60 days

The Top VPNs for iPhone in the US in 2022

Let’s now take a closer look at each of the top VPNs for iPhones in the US. 


VPNNo. Of ServersNo. Of CountriesPriceMax Device SupportedUS Speed RangeCustomer ServiceMoney-back Guarantee
Nord VPN5500+60.00$11.99 per month£6.00220 – 760 MbpsYes30-days
Ultra VPN100+55$7.99 per month£6.00211.20 MbpsYes30-days
CyberGhost VPN7000+91$12.99 per month£7.00145 – 850 MbpsYes45-days
Proton VPN1700+63$9.99 per month£10.00Up to 300 MbpsYes30-days
Strong VPN950+40+$10.00 per month£12.00190 – 600 MbpsYes30-days
Pure VPN6500+78$10.95 per month£10.00180 – 840 MbpsYes31-days
IPVanish2000+50+$10.99 per monthUnlimited290 – 930 MbpsYes30-days
Surfshark One3200+65$12.95 per monthUnlimited90 – 790 MbpsYes30-days
Zenmate430081+$7.99 per monthUnlimited75 – 120 MbpsYes30-days
Atlas VPN750+38$10.99 per monthUnlimited80 MbpsYes30-days
Express VPN3000+94$12.95 per month£5.00375 – 430 MbpsYes30-days
Norton Secure VPN2000+30$9.99 per month£10.0081 MbpsYes60-days
VyprVPN700+70+$15 per month£5.0044 MbpsYes30-days
Hotspot Shield3200+80+$9.99 per month£5.0048 MbpsYes45-days
Private Internet Access35000+78$11.99 per month£10.0070 – 320 MbpsYes30-days


Is a free VPN for iOS effective?

Free apps tend to be inferior to paid services. They usually do not provide a sufficient level of protection. Therefore, some sites may collect information about you. So it is better to use paid versions.

What is the best VPN for iOS?

We recommend focusing on applications included in the top rating. Be sure to consider the functionality of this service and the purpose for which you need it. A VPN is commonly used to access certain websites, maintain privacy, play games, download files securely, and other tasks. Also, take into account the financial issue.

How secure is VPN for iPhone?

Using these services is safe. You can install them on your iPhone, providing a fast connection and also hiding your true location. In this case, it is necessary to use a reliable service. Otherwise, security will be at risk.

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