You have never seen such a unique plane

You may have seen a lot of passenger planes, but you have never seen a plane like the Celeria 500L.

This long egg-shaped plane attracts attention due to its unique aerodynamics. Due to its unique structure, air passes very smoothly over the surface of the aircraft, which requires less power to fly and also means less fuel consumption.

Such a Unique Plane

It has been developed by Auto Aviation Company and its CEO William Otto Jr. said that because of this design, it is 4 to 5 times more efficient than other turboprop aircraft, while 7 to 8 times more efficient than jet aircraft. The fold is useful.

You have never seen such a unique plane | prototype plane - photo courtesy of Otto | Raen Times
Photo courtesy of Otto

Auto Aviation said the cost of the aircraft is 32 328 per hour, compared to 21 2,100 per hour for business aircraft and 18 to 25 gallons of fuel savings.

The aircraft can carry 6 passengers while it can travel up to 4500 miles at a speed of 460 miles per hour. It is currently a prototype model proposed by William Otto Sr. and its structure is called the Luminaire Flow.

This means that there is a flow of fluid in the air that does not face any problem even when it is flowing against the wind.

The luminaire fluke is obtained through an egg-like structure so that it can travel smoothly in the air. But when luminaire flow works so well, why aren’t all the planes designed like that?

In response, William Otto said that maintaining a luminaire flow requires the development of a structure that does not allow flexibility, bending, or alteration. This cannot be done with metal, but with a combination of them Is.

The Celeriac 500L has a single V12 diesel engine designed by the German company Reid.

According to the company, it is the most efficient engine ever to match this unique design. The first flight of this aircraft took place in 2018 and so far it has had 50 test flights. The company expects the aircraft to be available for sale by 2025.

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