Vaccination Side Effects or Infection in The Vaccination Queue

Vaccination Side Effects: It is very important to decide from the very beginning what exactly we consider to be side effects. For example, it is clear that when vaccinated against coronavirus or some other disease, we get an injection and it hurts. Vaccination side effects or infection in the vaccination queue

Vaccination Side Effects or Infection in The Vaccination Queue

Not everyone considers this a side effect because it is an expected unpleasant but normal sensation. It is also natural to notice a slightly increased temperature after vaccination, this is a concomitant effect. We were injected with a virus, the body fights it there and feels like a cold or flu.

The more actively the body reacts, the more pronounced immunity should be developed. It would be strange if there was no such reaction at all. Most likely, this would indicate that the drug is not working.

By the way, when it comes to the body’s reaction to the coronavirus vaccine, it is worth mentioning that this is still not the easiest drug – after the usual vaccinations, weekends are not required.

Vaccination side effects or infection in the vaccination queue

Side Effects of Coronavirus Vaccination

Side effects from a vaccine are more complex consequences, which are rather associated not with the vaccine, but with the condition and characteristics of the organism of a particular person.

For example, if a person is sick with something else, against this background, after vaccination, pneumonia may develop, for example, due to the fact that the body is already weakened due to the fight against the adenovirus contained in the vaccine. This will be considered a side effect.

An allergic reaction can also be called a side effect of the vaccine. We know that they sometimes happen and we need to be prepared for this. According to the rules, after vaccination, you cannot immediately leave, it is recommended to sit for half an hour and wait in case of quick side effects.

Vaccination side effects or infection in the vaccination queue

Is it Possible To Get infected With Coronavirus in The Vaccination Queue?

Yes, it’s quite real. In addition, you can get infected even after the first dose of the drug, when antibodies have not yet developed. The full, maximum effect appears two to three weeks after the second injection.

Considering that several weeks usually pass between the two stages, in total it turns out a month and a half, which require the same careful adherence to the quarantine regime as before: wearing masks and avoiding crowded places if possible, washing hands, and so on.

You also need to remember that the vaccine does not make us inaccessible to the virus, after it we are still in contact with it, just with this contact our body with immunity quickly copes with it.

How To Distinguish The Effects of Vaccination From Coronavirus

It is rather difficult to determine this on your own. There are specific clinical symptoms such as loss of smell, but with the new strain, this fades into the background and becomes less and less common.

You can find out for sure only with the help of laboratory diagnostics. After vaccination, a person will not have a positive PCR test for coronavirus, because if he has not become infected somewhere else, there is no coronavirus in his body.

Vaccination side effects or infection in the vaccination queue

If we talk about antibodies: probably, many people know what an N-protein and an S-protein are.

The S-protein is formed both after vaccination and after the disease, and the N-protein antibodies are formed only after the disease, they are not formed after vaccination. Thus, an analysis for antibodies after an illness or vaccination can help in order to understand whether it was a coronavirus or just a reaction to vaccination.

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