Top 10 Well Paying Jobs Without Degree in 2022

Well Paying Jobs Without Degree: Years ago, college degrees were in high demand and very few people could afford a college degree. These professions offered great salaries that guaranteed a promising future.

For this reason, several student programs have been created that offer scholarships or student loans to people who want to pursue higher education. Thus allowing to cover the demand for professionals that was presented at a certain time.

However, these programs have been declining over time. Returning to the difficulty of studying for a university career, which is still a mandatory requirement to get well-paid jobs.

Fortunately, there are jobs with acceptable salaries where a university degree is not necessary, since other factors that are decisive to perform these jobs are taken into account.

That is why I wanted to write this article, so you know that you should not work in a mediocre job if you did not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Today there are endless jobs that offer you much more than a minimum wage. Some may require a certain level of education. But with some dedication and effort, it will be worth a try.

Keep reading and find out what are the ideal jobs without university studies for you and the requirements that are requested to exercise them. In addition, know the advantages and disadvantages of a job with few studies so that you start with good information in this new stage of work.

Are There High-Paying Jobs With Little or No College Education?

It has always been considered that university studies are the basis for obtaining jobs that generate wages that provide excellent quality of life. It’s true, most of the highest paying jobs require highly trained people with a high level of knowledge that comes from college.

That is why, since we were little, our parents make an effort so that we obtain a quality basic education that allows us to obtain a place in the prestigious universities of the country. However, many times, economic, social, cultural, and/or personal factors can prevent a person from being able to study for a university degree. Even while in college, these factors can lead to dropping out.

The lack of university studies usually culminates in the practice of low-paid jobs that only bring bad times. However, determination, perseverance, and the desire to improve can lead you to continue looking for that opportunity that will lead you to obtain the life you have always wanted, without having studied at the university.

Some Examples

Well-known examples of success without a college degree are the great pioneers of technologyBill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg were the founders of the successful companies Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook respectively. These 3 entrepreneurs abandoned their university careers to continue their revolutionary ideas. And they haven’t been bad at all!

We also have as examples to follow, the great founders of the most important companies in their respective areas: Henry Ford and Walt Disney, who never set foot in a university. But from the age of 15, they dedicated themselves to working and years later they created the incredible worlds of automotive and animation that we know today.

Like them, there are other great entrepreneurs who have achieved success without having a university degree. They show us that the aptitude for the search for improvement can generate a well-paid job without studies.

This is because, today, having that priceless college degree is no guarantee of success. The need to fill jobs where personality, aptitude, and ability are more important than higher education is becoming more and more demanding. So finding work where salaries are usually higher than the basics is much easier than years ago.

Advantages of Well-Paying Jobs With Little Education

  • It is not necessary to invest time in higher studies. Even in those jobs that require a certain level of education, the time for it is usually days, weeks, or a few months. They usually consist of specific courses completely aimed at the objectives you are looking for, faster.
  • These are jobs that do not require long working hours. So you can dedicate yourself to starting your own business.
  • In some jobs, you may have to contribute some money to buy equipment or pay for some courses. But, even so, the total sum to be spent will be a small part of the investment that a university career would entail.

Disadvantages of Well-Paying Jobs Without Studies

  • Jobs in the fields of medicine, engineering, and law continue to be in high demand globally. However, to exercise them, a university degree is mandatory.
  • In many companies, it is still important that you have a higher education degree to opt for one of their vacancies. In these cases, professionals with university degrees will have more opportunities to get a job in these companies than those who do not have one.

10 Well Paying Jobs Without Degree

1. Air Traffic Controller

Free photos of Atc tower

Without a doubt, air traffic control is considered one of the highest paying jobs without college. Being able to earn approximately 20,000 euros per month.

These workers are in charge of directing, in a fast, orderly, and, above all, safe way, the aircraft that circulate in the airspace and in the airports to prevent collisions. Therefore, it is a stressful, demanding activity with a great load of responsibility.

If you want to become an air traffic controller, you will only have to pass a training course that lasts 18 months, as well as the medical requirements that are requested of you. It is also important to have language skills to communicate with international flights.

2. Dental Technician or Technician

It is the person who is in charge of designing the molds of our teeth by means of impression trays, to make orthodontic appliances or dental splints, so that dentists can carry out their work. They are the right hand of dentists.

To be a dental technician you do not need a university degree. But you do have to pass a course that consists of a higher level training cycle in the area of ​​Oral Health to obtain the title of Superior Technician in Dental Prosthesis. Earning at least between 3000 and 7000 euros per month.

3. Executive Assistant

One of the well-paid jobs without university studies is that of executive assistant since you can earn up to 35,000 euros a year. The executive assistant is in charge of planning meetings, organizing agendas, and coordinating all the activities related to the administration and operation that the director of a company has to carry out.

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To work as an assistant, they generally require that you be organized, disciplined, and with a good presence. In addition, it is important to have a solid knowledge of office automation, to know how to manipulate office equipment with agility, as well as to have the ability to write documents.

4. Tailor or Seamstress

Top 10 Well Paying Jobs Without Degree in 2022: Rean Times

If you are agile with a needle and thread, take advantage of this ability to work with clothes and earn at least 1,500 euros a month. The tailor or the seamstress is that person who makes, modifies, or replaces pieces of clothing for men or women.

Therefore, to be one of them, you must have knowledge of cutting and sewing. Through basic or specialized courses you can acquire this knowledge. However, the best sewing or tailoring techniques will be acquired with experience.

5. Sales Representative

Every business aims to make sales so that it can prosper. So they look for one or more people who are capable of making as many sales as possible. That’s where sales reps come in. They get to earn a base salary of 1,500 euros per month plus the commissions they can obtain for each sale, reaching up to 3,000 or 5,000 euros per month.

To be a representative of a brand, you do not need a university degree. Companies usually look for people with a good image, with the gift of people, and who have a certain talent for sales, since they must persuade the client to buy their products. It is also possible that some companies give you some additional training on their products in the form of talks so that you can make better sales.

6. Event Planner

The event organizer, as its name indicates, is the person who plans and coordinates the logistics involved in an event. Be it conventions, conferences, parties, business meetings, festivals, exhibitions, etc. It will be in charge of finding the place, organizing the transfer of the participants, the decoration, the furniture, the food and drink, and the budget, among others.

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This is a job that does not require a higher level of education, you just need to be organized, business savvy, and know a lot of vendors so you can offer a lot of options. The profits will depend on the type of event that is organized. But they are usually around basically around 3000 euros for each service.

7. Radiology Technician

The health field has always been the highest paid, and here is no exception. The radiology technician is the person who is in charge of operating the equipment so that the radiographic images are made.

You must study a technical career that lasts 2 years. You may need some perseverance to complete the course, but everything will be rewarded when you earn about 5,000 euros per month.

8. Beauty Professional

The world of beauty is always expanding, every day there is a new trend that every woman or man wants to get. That is why being a beauty professional is one of the best-paid jobs without university studies.

These experts are highly sought after to provide hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, makeup, and/or massage services, earning 1,500 euros per month, plus any extra money you can get doing work from home.

The beauty professional is an expert in some or all of the aforementioned areas, who obtains his knowledge through basic and specialized courses that can last a few weeks or months. However, the best techniques will be learned with experience.

9. Policeman

Free photos of Policeman

The police are those people who belong to a security force that is responsible for maintaining public order, providing security to citizens, and enforcing the laws.

These professionals can also get a good salary without having acquired any university studies. A policeman with the first level of the basic scale can earn up to 1,500 euros a month just by having passed the physical and psychological tests required by the Police examinations.

10. SEO Expert

Today, the need for companies to be visible on the internet is becoming more and more imperative. That is why they always look for those people who are experts in the organic positioning of web search engines. So that through the application of strategies, they allow the greatest customer traffic to online pages, which is known as SEO.

To be an expert in SEO, it is not mandatory to study for a university degree since you can obtain the necessary knowledge through courses related to SEO. As well as you can acquire all the additional information on the internet. These professionals can earn an average of 3,000 euros per month.


So if you didn’t have the opportunity to go to college for reasons you couldn’t help, don’t limit yourself because of it and pursue a career that gives you the financial and personal satisfaction you so desire. At first, it may be difficult to find a job that pays a living wage. But you already know that there are well-paid jobs without university studies. So you should keep looking until you find your dream job.

If those jobs require you to pass some courses, don’t stop there and do them. Education will not take away your time or money, but it will provide you with the preparation that will help you make good decisions throughout your new job. In this article, I propose some ideas to earn extra money as a student, and if you want to know more ideas, be sure to review this article.

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