Top 10 Best Whatsapp Online Trackers 2022/23

Best Whatsapp Online Trackers: Searching for the best Whatsapp online tracker can be tricky, and if that’s what you’re doing, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we cover all the essentials of online tracker apps for WhatsApp, from how to use them to how they work and whether they’re safe.

We also rank and review the top ten Whatsapp trackers for phones to help you find the one that best suits your needs. So read on to find out which apps top our list and if they do the trick.

Best Online Whatsapp Trackers in 2022

Since there are so many mobile trackers available, knowing which one is worth using can be a challenge. That’s why our experts have tried them all. The ones listed below are the ones that have come out better valued:

  1. mSpy – Best Overall Whatsapp Online Tracker
  2. EyeZy – Best AI WhatsApp Tracker
  3. uMobix – Best Tracker for WhatsApp with Real-Time Updates
  4. Cocospy – Discreet Surveillance WhatsApp Tracker
  5. XNSpy – Leading WhatsApp Online Tracker to Track Deleted WhatsApp Messages
  6. Spyic – Best WhatsApp Tracking Tool with Advanced Tracking Features
  7. Mobile Tracker – Best Free Whatsapp Online Tracker to Download
  8. Hoverwatch – The easiest WhatsApp tracker app to use
  9. Spyera – Best WhatsApp Tracker with the Most Diverse Compatibility
  10. IKeyMonitor – Whatsapp Online Tracker App with Easiest Installation

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker in 2022. Review

As well as providing you with our experts’ list of the top ten WhatsApp trackers, we’ve reviewed each of them, to give you an idea of ​​why they made the list. So let’s see:

1. mSpy – Best Overall Whatsapp Online Tracker

How to Easily and Quickly View WhatsApp Chat History of Others Online

mSpy is a fantastic WhatsApp online tracking tool that makes monitoring the WhatsApp activities of your spouse or child easy. As a result, mSpy is the number one choice of our experts. So what makes the app so great? First of all, mSpy is compatible with various operating systems including Android and iOS. 

Therefore, whether the person you want to monitor has an iPhone or a Samsung device, you can easily track their WhatsApp. However, remember that the functionality offered to Android users is superior, making it one of the best mobile trackers for Android, but iOS users still have access to most of the features.

Another impressive feature of mSpy is that it allows you to track other people’s Whatsapp messages, whether they have been sent, received or completely deleted without being detected.

Also, you can monitor incoming and outgoing calls and activity on other social media apps like Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, iMessage, and Snapchat.

On the other hand, you can view any media such as photos and videos, and see if they have been sent or received. Also, you can access all the activities and history of the user’s web browser.

Another advantage is that if the WhatsApp user you are tracking has an Android device, you can use the GPS feature to see where the user is in terms of location, the places they have visited, and the routes they have taken. Furthermore, you can restrict their access to certain websites and set up keyword alerts.

Since mSpy is not available in app stores, installation is somewhat complicated. However, users can find detailed instructions on how to complete the installation on the mSpy website.

Lastly, users will find that mSpy offers three slightly more expensive packages that include a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan. Although the annual plan may be more profitable, it is still relatively expensive.

TrackerPriceSupported operating systems
mSpy€118.99 year Premium accountiOS- Android


  • The app runs undetected
  • Supports viewing of browser history
  • Records the content of SMS and instant messages


  • You will need a different subscription for each device

2. EyeZy – Best AI WhatsApp Tracker

eyeZy Review — All About The Monitoring App

If you want to “see everything, everywhere”, eyeZy is the best WhatsApp online tracker for you. As its tagline suggests, the app offers a selection of features that make it easy to track another WhatsApp user’s fingerprint without being detected.

In addition to discreet tracking, eyeZy offers quick and easy installation and dedicated synchronization tools that make it easy to use. However, if the target device has an iOS operating system, the phone will need to be jailbroken for the app to work.

Once installed, users will find that eyeZy offers several features, such as a keylogger, several social media apps in addition to WhatsApp, a screen recorder, and access to emails and messages, whether they are received, sent, or deleted.

On the other hand, the phone analyzer allows you to view call logs and contacts, while the GPS feature makes it easy to track the whereabouts of the target phone and its user.

Also, with the file browser, you can browse the files and media stored on the device, such as photos and videos sent through WhatsApp. In addition to this, you can view the user’s web browser history and search activity and even block their access to the websites or applications of your choice.

Another prominent feature that eyeZzy offers are AI alerts. Instead of having to check the user’s phone continuously, eyeZy uses AI to send you notifications when there is activity on the device.

Lastly, eyeZy offers three packages, including a one-month plan, a three-month plan, and a yearly plan.

whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems 
eyeZy€9.99 per month for one year Android-iOS


  • Competitive price
  • Includes a screen recorder
  • Recover deleted messages


  • Not as functional on iOS devices

3. uMobix – Best Tracker for WhatsApp with Real-Time Updates

While most WhatsApp online tracking tools are updated regularly, uMobix provides a unique feature that allows the app to update in real-time, keeping you informed at all times. Although the developers have made uMobix to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices, those with iPhones will experience increased functionality and some additional features, making this one of the best tracking apps for iPhones.

Therefore, if you want to use uMobix, you will first need to select a plan. Once you have chosen between the one-month, three months, or annual plan and have made the purchase, you will be able to configure the app on the target phone. Although many of the best WhatsApp spy apps are difficult to install, uMobix software only takes five minutes to download and apply to a device.

Once installed, you will find the app easy to control and navigate from the control panel. Therefore, you should have no problem exploring and using the various features.

So what features can you expect to find? First of all, uMobix provides real-time updates, so you stay in the know. In addition, you will receive an alert if the user inserts a new SIM card in the mobile device and highlights the renamed and deleted contacts. Also, with uMobix, you can restrict outgoing calls and messages from the target device.

Apart from these exclusive features, uMobix offers the typical features of a Whatsapp online tracker app, including web browser activity display, management of social apps other than WhatsApp, deleted call data, a geofinancer, and a keylogger.

Finally, although uMobix allows this tracking to be done without being detected, it quickly drains the battery of the target device, which could raise suspicions. So keep this in mind.

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems
uMobix€9.91 per month for one yeariOS-Android


  • Provides social media tracking
  • Offers one-click lock option
  • Easy to use


  • consumes a lot of battery

4. Cocospy – Discreet Surveillance WhatsApp Tracker

If you want to make sure that your remote monitoring of another user’s WhatsApp account remains discreet, opt for Cocospy. In addition to providing you with a WhatsApp online tracker that is virtually undetectable, it also takes battery power into account. While most of the best WhatsApp spy apps tend to drain the battery power of the target phone, Cocospy does the opposite and uses very little battery power to function, despite running in the background.

Although Cocospy offers better surveillance efforts, it falls short in the packages it offers. For example, the iOS bundle is more expensive but offers fewer features. Therefore, while the iOS app will not require you to root the device first, it is a better option for Android users.

However, users can enjoy several features once registered, such as detailed call log data, SIM location tracking and alerts when SIM is changed, message filtering (SMS and WhatsApp), browser history viewing and a keylogger. In addition, you can see the files stored on the phone, such as photos sent via WhatsApp, videos and calendar activities preview.

So, if you want a cheap WhatsApp online tracker that works especially well with Android devices and can be uninstalled with a simple click, Cocospy may be the app you need.

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems
cocospyAndroid: $9.99 per month for the annual plan IOS: $10.99 per month for the annual planAndroid-iOS


  • Can be uninstalled remotely
  • Quick Install
  • safe and secure


  • The iOS app costs more than the Android version

5. XNSpy – Leading WhatsApp Online Tracker to Track Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Although reading existing WhatsApp messages is useful, the possibility of reading the ones that the user has deleted is even more practical. So, if you are looking for the best WhatsApp online tracker that does that, give XNSpy a shot.

Furthermore, XNSpy offers several advanced features that make tracking and recording WhatsApp usage a cinch. For example, XNSpy allows users to record calls and ambient noises from the device’s surroundings and record the screen of social media applications such as WhatsApp.

In addition to these exclusive features, XNSpy has watchlist locations. In other words, when your child, employee, or spouse heads to a location you’ve designated, XNSpy will send you an alert. Furthermore, the app makes monitoring 12 different social networks easy and allows you to control the target device remotely. However, one drawback of the app is that in order to track the device and receive real-time updates, the user must connect the target device to the Internet.

When considering the plans, you will find that XNSpy offers three monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans, with the yearly option being the most cost-effective.

Lastly, XNSpy is compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, since Android allows the installation of third-party applications, the installation of the application on Android phones is fast. However, if your target phone is an iPhone, you will need somewhat more complicated installation instructions.

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems
XNSpy$79.99 yearlyAndroid-iOS


  • Offers call recording
  • Screen recording for social media apps
  • Allows location of the watch list


  • The target device must have an internet connection for real-time updates

6. Spyic – Best WhatsApp Tracking Tool with Advanced Tracking Features

Top 10 Best Whatsapp Online Trackers 2022/23

Although many WhatsApp online trackers offer great tracking features, many users claim that Spyic provides some extra features that take its tracking capabilities to the next level. Furthermore, Spyic provides a secure platform that allows you to keep an eye on other WhatsApp users without being detected and keeps all information protected.

On the other hand, Spyic has one of the most accurate GPS tracking systems that will keep you aware of the whereabouts of the target phone and its user. But you will also find other special tracking features like social media monitoring, call log, WhatsApp tracking, and a keylogger.

As for compatibility, the developers have designed Spyic to work seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. Also, it is compatible with data carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Vodaphone, and Sprint.

Apart from its exceptional functionality, Spyic is easy to install and does not require you to jailbreak or root the target device before installing the app. Also, if you have any difficulties, the Spyic customer support team is available 24 hours a day to help you.

Lastly, Spyic offers six packages for users to subscribe to, three for Android and three for iOS. Even if you choose the plan you want based on the number of devices you want to track, you will find that iOS plans are slightly more expensive than Android plans.

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems
spyicAndroid: $9.99 per month for the annual plan ios: $10.83 per month for the annual planAndroid-iOS


  • 100% undetectable
  • Offers remote access to camera and microphone
  • Precise GPS tracking


  • Does not have geofencing

7. Mobile Tracker – Best Whatsapp Online Tracker Free to Download

Although most of the best trackers for WhatsApp are paid, there are some that you can download and install for free. One such app is Mobile Tracker, which offers basic and premium packages at a cost. However, the lowest level option is completely free. Although their functions are somewhat limited, they are a good way to try the application without spending a penny. 

But remember, Mobile Tracker doesn’t limit what you can do in the free version, but how many times you can do it. So instead of having unlimited opportunities to listen to or record calls, you may only be able to do so once or twice a day.

However, when testing the functionality of the app, we found that it worked without any issues. Still, the developers could expand the features a bit, as each feature is limited regardless of the plan you subscribe to. For example, audio call recording is limited to just two minutes, even on a paid plan.

On the other hand, the available features work exceptionally well, so we didn’t want any restrictions. That is, Mobile Tracker allows users to record audio, track social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, control the target device remotely, and track the device using GPS signals. However, there is a drawback. To stay connected to the target device, you need to log into the control panel at least once a week.

Lastly, Mobile Tracker currently only offers an app for Android devices and does not yet offer a suitable version for iOS users.

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems


  • free basic version
  • Offers remote audio recording
  • Five daily live viewing sessions


  • Weekly login required

8. Hoverwatch – The easiest-to-use WhatsApp tracker app

Top 10 Best Whatsapp Online Trackers 2022/23

Every once in a while, our experts come across a WhatsApp online tracker that offers great features and is easy to navigate, like Hoverwatch. Since the developers have designed the app exceptionally well and included a user-friendly interface, even new users will easily find their way around.

Apart from its simple design, Hoverwatch ensures that users can track and monitor other WhatsApp users while remaining invisible and undetectable.

Also, our experts highlight the app for its in-depth messaging monitoring, which makes it the best choice for those who want to monitor messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Gmail chats, Snapchat, and Reddit.

Therefore, tracking SMS and MMS messages and any media attached to them and recording incoming or outgoing calls becomes easy with Hoverwatch.

While these features are great, they are only available to those using Android devices as Hoverwatch has yet to release an iOS version of the app. However, Hoverwatch is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, so you can use the app on your computer.

Lastly, Hoverwatch offers three plans, Personal, Professional, and Business. While the Professional and Business options are more reasonably priced, users will find the Personal plan to be the most expensive.

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems
Hoverwatch$24.95 a monthAndroid, Windows, Mac OS


  • Users remain completely invisible
  • Comprehensive tracking of messaging
  • Easy to use


  • Not available for iOS/iPhones

9. Spyera – Best WhatsApp Tracker with the Most Diverse Compatibility

Top 10 Best Whatsapp Online Trackers 2022/23

When looking for the best Whatsapp online tracker, you will find that most of them are compatible with iOS, Android, or both. However, some, like Spyera, also work with other operating systems, including Windows and macOS. As a result, tracking the digital footprint of your spouse, children or partner becomes easy.

Although Spyera offers diversity in this area, it limits its use by setting its subscription plans based on different devices. Thus, you can choose a plan for smartphones or tablets, one for computers or an all-inclusive option that has a much higher rate. Apart from the all-inclusive package, the smartphone plan is the most expensive. But, in our opinion, the possibility of monitoring WhatsApp makes it worthwhile.

Aside from WhatsApp monitoring, users will also find a selection of other features. For example, Android users can listen to or record phone calls in real time. However, keep in mind that Spyera prevents users from recording calls in regions where it is classified as illegal, which keeps them and you out of legal trouble. You can also activate the device’s microphone, listen to ambient noises in the background, and control WhatsApp, MMS, and SMS messages. As well as offering many more features, Spyera is quick and easy to install.

Whatsapp trackerPriceAvailable operating systems
spyera$89 a monthAndroid, iOS, Mac OS, Windows


  • high compatibility
  • Listen to phone calls in real-time
  • Includes Keylogger


  • Device-Based Plans

10. IKeyMonitor – Whatsapp Online Tracker with Easiest Installation

Top 10 Best Whatsapp Online Trackers 2022/23

The last WhatsApp online tracker on our list is iKeyMonitor, a diverse monitoring app that supports various operating systems.

Besides supporting iOS and Android devices, iKeyMonitor also works with Windows and macOS computers. Installing iKeyMonitor on your computer or mobile device is quick and easy.

You also won’t need to jailbreak or root mobile devices for the app to work properly. However, you will need to root the device if you want to access certain features like the user’s web browser history or Snapchat.

Another aspect of this WhatsApp tracker that we think could be improved is that it cannot block apps. Leaving that aside, iKeyMonitor offers several impressive features such as call recording, message and media viewing, and the ability to take screenshots on the target device. Also, you can use the app’s great GPS tracking and geofencing features.

As for the packages, iKeyMonitor offers two, one for desktops/laptops and a free app for smartphones and tablets. However, the free plan has a downside: if you want specific plugins and additional features, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems
iKeyMonitorFree for mobile devicesiOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows


  • Compatible with mobile and desktop devices
  • Free mobile plan
  • Access to advanced features without rooting


  • No app lock feature

Comparison Of The Best Online Whatsapp Trackers

Although when you compare the prices and features of each of the Whatsapp online trackers side by side, you can quickly find the one that best suits your needs.

To help you, we have created the handy table below:

Whatsapp trackerPriceSupported operating systems
mSpy€118.99 per yeariOS-Android
eyezy$9.99 per month for the annual planAndroid-iOS
uMobix$11.66 per month for the annual planiOS-Android
cocospyAndroid: $9.99 per month for the annual plan ios: $10.99 per month for the annual planAndroid-iOS
XNSpy$79.99 a yearAndroid-iOS
spyicAndroid: $9.99 per month for the annual plan ios: $10.83 per month for the annual planAndroid-iOS
hoverwatch$24.95 a monthAndroid, Windows, Mac OS
spyera$89 a monthAndroid, iOS, Mac OS, Windows
iKeyMonitorFree for mobile devicesiOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows

How does a Whatsapp online tracker work?

The best online WhatsApp tracker installs on an Android or iOS device and gives the user access to all data on the device. Once the app is successfully installed, the app user can monitor social media and messaging apps down to every keystroke as the spy apps offer accurate keyloggers for iOS, PC, and Android.

Additionally, they can record or listen to calls, view MMS and SMS messages, view media stored on the device, track the device (and its owner) using GPS, and view the owner’s web browser history.

Once the app is installed on the target device, it sends the data from the device to the control software that you can access on your own mobile device or online on a computer. Also, you can use this control software to recover data from your spouse’s or child’s phone.

Since these WhatsApp tracking tools run in the background of the target device, they are virtually undetectable and discreetly monitor all necessary data. What’s more, the app icon doesn’t appear on the target device, removing any trace that the app is installed and collecting data.

How to track someone’s WhatsApp messages without the target phone

Normally, you will need access to the target phone for a few
minutes, as you need to install a WhatsApp online tracker directly on the device for them to work. Also, developers design Android phones in such a way that WhatsApp spy tools cannot be installed without physically installing them on the device.

But, if you want to install the best WhatsApp spy app on an iOS device, you can do it remotely using iCloud backup that offers two-way sync between the cloud and the device.

However, to install the app remotely, you will need the iCloud backup credentials of the target device user. Additionally, you will need to enter the two-factor authentication code that is sent to the target phone to sign in to iCloud. Therefore, you will still need physical access to the device.

Are Whatsapp trackers safe?

Developers design the best WhatsApp trackers to be secure and make sure that they send the data in encrypted formats, preventing anyone other than the app user from accessing the information.

Furthermore, the encryption is so secure that not even the owner of the target device can access it. Lastly, only the person who has subscribed to the app and has the access credentials to the WhatsApp spy tools app can access this information.

Free Whatsapp Trackers for Android and iPhone for WhatsApp

Although many of the best WhatsApp tracking apps require you to sign up and pay for a subscription, there are free versions. However, while they may seem attractive at first, these versions are often limited in what they offer, and may require you to root or jailbreak the target device before they will work.

In addition to being difficult to install, a free download WhatsApp spy app often doesn’t offer the most essential features, like the ability to listen to calls or monitor social media apps.

How to use a WhatsApp tracking app

If you are ready to learn how to track someone’s WhatsApp using an online WhatsApp tracker, then this section is for you. Here, we take you to step by step and show you how to use WhatsApp tracking tools like these apps.

Step One: Sign up and create an account on mSpy

First of all, you will need to sign up for a payment plan. So, launch the mSpy website and click the green “Try Now” button. Next, enter your email address on the page that opens and create your mSpy account. Lastly, choose your subscription plan based on the device you want to track.

Step Two: Install mSpy on the target device

After your plan purchase, mSpy will email you your account details and in-depth installation instructions. So, head over to your inbox, find the email from mSpy, and when you’re ready, follow the instructions in the email and install the app on the target device.

Here you have to type the download link (provided in the email) in the Chrome browser of the target phone to download the app. Next, allow security permissions and download the app before following the installation wizard. Finally, enter the credentials that mSpy sent you in the email and click “Complete installation” when finished.

Step Three: Start Monitoring

Once you have installed the app on the target device, you can head over to your mSpy online control panel. Once you’re logged in here, you can name the phone you’re tracking and enter its make and model number and phone number. And with this is everything. Now you can start monitoring your spouse’s phone.


Even though there are many good WhatsApp trackers online, knowing which one is right for you can be challenging as not all apps provide the features you might need. However, trying any of the apps highlighted in this guide will put you on the right track.

But, if you want our opinion on which is the best WhatsApp tracking app, we recommend mSpy. So don’t be left behind. Instead, sign up for mSpy and start tracking WhatsApp like a pro.

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