Where Will The 2022 FIFA World Cup Take Place?

It is terribly hot in Qatar, and it is simply impossible to play football in the middle of the desert. Fans are intimidated by the contemptuous glances of the locals for shorts and T-shirts and jail for drunken antics. Where will the 2022 FIFA World Cup take place?

We will tell you how to get out of the situation with the organization of the FIFA tournament, as well as what fans can expect at the 2022 World Cup and what stadiums they will have to visit.

What is Qatar?

It is a state in the Middle East, located in the northeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar is hot summers, mild winters, and sunshine all year round. In summer, the average is +36 degrees, and in winter +17. It rarely rains and mostly in winter.

Where will the 2022 FIFA World Cup take place? | Qatar and Saudi Arabia map | Rean Times

Qatar has an absolute monarchy. This means that the state is ruled by the emir, who also appoints the ministers. The power of the emir is limited only by the Sharia, a set of Muslim rules based on the Koran. It is forbidden to form political parties, trade unions, and hold demonstrations here.

Qatar is home to 2.6 million people in an area of ​​fewer than 12 thousand km². Moreover, 90% live in the capital – Doha. The state language is Arabic, religion is Islam. Muslims in the country 78%, most of them are Sunni Muslims.

Article 57 of the Constitution of Qatar states that the observance of public order and respect for national traditions and customs are mandatory for everyone who lives in its territory. Therefore, if you wear indecent clothing or behave indecently in public, you will be fined or arrested.

The Islamic Cultural Center in Qatar has launched a campaign to dress modestly in public and respect the country’s values. Brochures illustrating how to dress in Qatar are handed out on the street and posted on social media.

Booklets for tourists in Doha

When Does The World Cup start?

The championship starts on November 21 and ends on December 18 on Qatar’s National Day, which is the local Independence Day. The tournament will be held in 28 days. This is the first winter world championship, due to which the championships of all countries will be interrupted, so it will also be the shortest – four days less than it was in Russia.

FIFA is still deciding how many teams will qualify for the world championship. Organization CONMEBOL at a council meeting, instead of the usual 32 teams proposed 48. South Americans corny want six teams from their region to go directly to the World Cup, and FIFA wants to increase revenues by a billion.

Is It Hot?

In summer in Qatar up to +45, in winter the organizers promise up to +24 degrees and assure that the players will be comfortable. Cooling systems will be built at the stadiums.

Can I Drink Alcohol?

In Qatar, it is forbidden to drink alcohol on the street and be under a degree in public places. But at the World Cup, alcohol can be bought in hotels and fan zones, drunk in bars and clubs.

But the prices will bite – a double tax has been established on alcohol. At the same time, even sugary drinks have already risen in price by 50% since January 1, 2019, and cigarettes, energy drinks, and alcohol – by 100%.

There is only one alcohol shop in the whole of Qatar and they are allowed there with a special permit, which can only be obtained by working in Qatar. The employer must vouch for you, and you must also leave a bond of 1000 QAR ($ 274).

A glass of beer in the bar 0.5 l – 1200 ₽
Jagermeister 40 grams – 1400 ₽
Vodka 40 grams – 1600 ₽

Do You Need a Visa To Qatar For The World Cup?

Qatar has adopted the experience of Russia with Fan ID – if you have a FAN ID, you do not need a visa to enter the country.

How To Dress?

In Qatar, it is undesirable for men to wear shorts and T-shirts. Women need to leave anything short and tight at home, like mini skirts or even sleeveless dresses. You can’t walk in leggings either, in Qatar leggings are not considered trousers.

In 2019, Qataris are already reacting calmly to tourists wearing shorts or T-shirts. They will not make comments or look askance because of their appearance.

Flyer for tourists in Qatar
“If you are in Qatar, you are one of us” – this is how the locals urge tourists to dress more modestly, photo: twitter.com/ryrqatar

Among the brochures, there is also a warning against singing songs in the street, showing obscene gestures and swearing, for this you are entitled to six months in prison. Therefore, there will be no drunken and cheerfully painted fans on the Qatari streets for sure, and noisy celebrations will be limited to the territories of fan zones.

What Time is The Game?

The time in Qatar coincides with Moscow time, and the matches are planned to be staged at 13:00, 16:00, and 19:00. But they can add the fourth match at 22:00 because it will get cooler in the evening. And if the heat does not subside, the stadium cooling system will help out.

Which Cities Will Host The 2022 World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place at eight stadiums in five cities in Qatar. One at the stadium built in El Hauri, Lusaile, Rayyane Riyadh, and Al-Wakrah and Doha and its suburbs  four stadiums.

All Stadiums World Cup 2022

1. “Lusail”

  • 16 km from Doha, 80,000 places.

Lusail Stadium - largest in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

  • Architect: Foster + Partners from the UK.

Instead of just one stadium, the Qataris built the whole city of Lusail, which will accommodate 250,000 inhabitants. The opening ceremony and the final of the championship will take place here.

The city of Lusail was built specifically for the World Cup

2. “Al-Bayt”

  • 43 km from Doha, 60,000 places.

photo of Al Bayt stadium

  • Architect: Dar Al-Handasah from Lebanon.

Outwardly, it resembles the tents that are erected in the Qatar desert – “Bayt al Shaar”. Under construction in the city of El Haur.

3. “Al-Rayyan” (“Ahmed bin Ali”)

  • 23 km from Doha, 40,000 places.

Al Ryan Stadium

  • Architect: Ramboll from Denmark.

Located in the second-largest city in the country, Al Rayyan, it is being built on the site of the old stadium “Ahmed bin Ali”. The desert is very close, so the fan zones are stylized as dunes.

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4. “El Wakrah”

  • 19 km from Doha, 40,000 places.

El Wakra stadium

  • Architect: Zaha Hadid from Great Britain.

Retractable roof, design inspired by the sail of a traditional Arab dhow. It is located in the city of El Wakrah off the coast of the Persian Gulf.

5. “Education City”

  • Doha, 11 km from the center, 40,000 places.

Education City Stadium

  • Architect: FIA Fenwick Iribarren Architects from Spain.

Located next to the top Qatari universities. It will host matches up to the quarterfinals, after which it will “lose weight” by half – 20 thousand seats will be dismantled and sent to the construction of stadiums in developing countries. After the World Cup, the state will give the stadium to universities.

6. “Khalifa”

  • Doha, 13 km from the center, 40,000 places.

Khalifa stadium

  • Architect: Dar Al-Handasah from Lebanon.

Built in 1976 in Doha, it became the first World Cup-ready stadium. This arena has already hosted the Gulf Cup of Nations, the Asian Games, and the Asia Cup.

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7. “Al-Tumama”

  • Doha, 13 km from the center, 40,000 places.

Al Tumam Stadium

  • Architect: Arab Engineering Bureau from Qatar.

The stadium is in the form of an Arabic version of the skullcap – gakhfiyah. The only stadium designed by Qatari architects.

8. “Ras Abu Abud” (“Doha Port”)

  • Doha, 10 km from the center, 40,000 places.

Ras Abu Abud stadium

  • Architect: FIA Fenwick Iribarren Architects from Spain.

The first World Cup stadium was to be built from containers and easily dismantled materials. After the championship, the stadium will be dismantled, and a new appointment will be thought up for the site. The arena will be built on the shores of the bay overlooking Doha.

In each of the containers, there is a ready-made part of the stadium: removable seats, retail counters, and toilets, which will be dismantled after the World Cup.

The stadiums will be connected by the metro system, so fans will have time to attend several matches in one day.

Metro in Qatar

Qatar’s first bid had 12 stadiums, but in 2013 the World Cup organizers asked FIFA to approve fewer arenas due to rising costs. In 2017, FIFA approved an application for eight stadiums.

Stadiums That Remained Only in The Project

“Sports City”

  • Doha, 49,000 places.

Sports City stadium project in Qatar

A multifunctional building, it was planned to build not only a football field, but also a conference hall, a “mall in the clouds”, a water park, a hotel, a cultural center, a sports museum, an amphitheater, and a business center .

Partially retractable roof, fully retractable field, and convertible stand for fans. The large fabric roof acts as a huge awning that covers the entire premises, including the hotel and theater.

The cost of the project is $ 1.6 billion, they refused to implement it.

“Al Khor”

  • 56 km from Doha, 42,500 places.

Al Khor stadium

The football and athletics stadium in the city of Al Khor is also the home stadium of the local team of the same name. They refused to modernize for the World Cup.

Qatar Travel information FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar University

  • Doha, 43,500 places.

At the time of the World Cup, the capacity of this stadium was planned to be increased by 10,000 seats. Here they play football and go in for athletics.


  • Doha, 30 km from the center, 45 120 places.

Umm Salal Stadium

According to the project, it resembles an Arab fort, after the World Cup the stadium was planned to be reduced to 25,500 seats and to host matches of the Umm-Salal football club from the Stars League. The stadium was never built, in its place is an untouched desert.

The World Cup 2022 will be unique: it will be held for the first time in the Middle East, in a country with an absolute monarchy, and even in winter. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

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