Who Can Get a Job in Poland in 2022

Who Can Get a Job in Poland

Below is a list of the seven most in-demand specialties in Poland.

1. Workers

Today in Poland there are many vacancies in the field of physical work, but the local population is not ready to do it. For visitors, this sector is still the most demanded. Movers, kitchen workers, and cleaners receive decent wages.

In the construction sector, there is a great need for reinforced concrete workers, mechanics, tilers, utility planners, plasterers and bricklayers, earthmoving machine operators, and finishers.

In industry, you can certainly find work as a machine tool operator, electric welder, seamstress or tailor, carpenter, locksmith, electrician, electrician, and electrician. The agricultural sector in Poland also has a demand for labor. Agricultural enterprises in provincial areas constantly attract foreign citizens for seasonal work.

2. Trade Specialists

The labor market in Poland is experiencing a shortage of personnel in the field of trade in various directions. The pharmaceutical, electronics, food, cosmetics, construction, travel, and real estate industries need salespeople and salespeople. A lot of vacancies are also open in Polish chain hypermarkets.

3. Drivers

There are many vacancies for drivers. However, in order to get one of these vacancies, the applicant must obtain a driver’s license, which is quite expensive. There is a significant shortage of bus and truck drivers.

4. Technical Professionals

Factories and enterprises in Poland are experiencing a shortage of manpower and managers. They need process engineers, shop managers, laboratory and warehouse managers.

A workshop foreman is one of the most demanded specialties on the Polish personnel market. In the opinion of the Poles, wages in local organizations are too low, so it remains for personnel officers to hire foreign citizens.

5. Engineers

In Poland, a good engineer will always find a suitable job. They are especially in demand in the field of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and construction. Many companies are willing to hire foreign specialists with engineering education, extensive professional experience, and knowledge of the Polish language.

Science in Poland is developing, and the state is investing significant amounts of money in research and development.

6. Food industry

Chefs, pastry chefs, culinary specialists, and bakers can easily get a job in Poland.

7. Warehouse workers

Jobs for workers and warehouse managers are offered in most job advertisements. There are also vacancies for dispatchers, delivery and transport managers.

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