Will Smith Net Worth 2022: Will Smith Income, Bio, Cars

How Rich is Will Smith?

Will Smith Net Worth 2022: Comedies, dramas, and science fiction: Will Smith has tried himself in numerous genres. The actor’s diverse spectrum is probably also the reason why he became so successful and can look back on a long, interesting career full of box office hits. Will Smith’s fortune is currently estimated at $375 Million

Will Smith Net Worth and Income

FEE FOR A MOVIE$20 Million
Birthdate25 September 1968 (age 53)
Born inPhiladelphia, USA
Marital statusMarried to Jada Pinkett Smith (since 1997)
JobActor, producer, rapper
Full nameWillard Christopher Smith Jr.
ChildrenTrey Smith, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith,
Height1.88 m

Early Life

Willard Carroll Smith Jr. was born in Philadelphia in the fall of 1968. Smith’s father was an engineer, his mother was a teacher. Besides Will, the second oldest, they had three other children who grew up together in relatively sheltered and middle-class circumstances.

Smith had been interested in rapping since he was twelve and in the 1980s he adopted the stage name “The Fresh Prince”, which was later used for his sitcom. In his youth, Will Smith also worked as a DJ, through which he met a producer. He recorded some hip-hop songs with him, for which they were awarded two Grammys.

However, at the beginning of his career, Will Smith spent too much money. He ran into problems with the United States tax authorities and nearly went bankrupt. When he was almost bankrupt in 1990, a producer decided to create a sitcom based on Smith’s own story with Smith as the leading actor: For Will Smith, it was a welcome opportunity to improve his finances.

In 2012, it looked like Will Smith had a career turning point. There were no blockbusters with him for four years. He then made an impressive comeback with Men in Black III.

Although he did not make it to Forbes’ Top 10 Highest-Paid Hollywood Stars between 2012 and 2013, producers have to dig in their pockets if they want to hire Will Smith as a lead actor.

Will Smith’s standard film royalty is $ 20 million. The often astute actor can also share in the profits, as happened with the 2002 film Men in Black II. 10% profit sharing means an additional $ 25 million in revenue after deducting operating expenses.

A year later, Smith received a $ 20 million royalty plus 20 percent of the profits for Bad Boys II. When you subtract the production costs of $ 175 million from the total box office revenue of $ 273.3 million, this film will also generate nearly $ 20 million in additional revenue. This is why the fortune is enormous.

Current Assets Are Estimated At Around $375 Million

Will Smith’s fortune is currently estimated at $375 Million. This corresponds to approximately EUR 185 million. His annual income does not only come from royalties for the film. Will Smith is very adventurous. The following list provides a brief overview of its activities.

  • Smith owns real estate in Miami Beach, Stockholm, Philadelphia, and Malibu. His mansion in Malibu is estimated at $ 20 million.
  • Income from royalties: Smith has very successfully released 4 albums and 12 singles.
  • Holdings: As a basketball fan of the Philadelphia 76ers in his hometown of Philadelphia, Smith joined the team as one of nine investors in October 2011.
  • Consumer Products: Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett work for several fashion brands.
  • Own production company: Smith also earns significant income from his own production company, Overbrook Entertainment. Among other things, he produced The Karate Kid, starring his son Jaden Smith. Estimated revenue: $ 5.5 million

More Income From All-Rounder Smith

Actually, he wanted to get into the music business. His rapper career started off promisingly.

As rapper duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, they quickly rose to national prominence through their permanent MTV presence and released a total of four albums, one gold, two platinum, and one sold 17.5 million albums.

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Achieved diamond status. … Therefore, his income from royalties, of course, is also considerable. He also wrote the title songs for some of the films. The films “Wild, Wild West” and “Men in Black” should be mentioned here.

An Overview of His Music Albums

  • 1997: Big Willie Style -17.5M Sales
  • 1999: Millennium – 4.5M Sales
  • 2002: Born to Reign – 1M Sales
  • 2005: Lost and Found – 750,000 Sales

Those Who Earn A Lot Can Also Spend A Lot

Will Smith loves to spend a lot of money. Shortly before starting his acting career, he almost went bankrupt one day when he had to pay millions of dollars in taxes. He was saved only by his participation in the television series “Prince of Bel-Air”, which was very successfully produced from 1990 to 1996.

Since then, however, there has always been enough money at the box office. His mansion in Malibu was worth $ 20 million.

During the filming of Men in Black III, he rented a mobile home for his family for $ 9,000 a week. In addition to his many properties, he also rented an apartment on Bond Street in New York for $ 25,000 a month.

Between 2007 and 2008, he was the highest-paid Hollywood star with $ 80 million. This is largely due to the successful blockbusters I Am Legend, Hancock, and Seven Live.

Smith set an outstanding record with 13 films that grossed over $ 100 million. In 2005, he even got into the Guinness Book of Records, as he attended three film premieres per day.

Film Fees From Will Smith

A list of just a few films in which the actor sometimes earned high salaries that keep increasing his fortune.


Bad Boys for Life – $ 17,000,000

Bright – $ 20,000,000

Suicide Squad – $ 20,000,000

Men in Black III – $ 20,000,000

Hancock – $ 20,000,000

I am Legend – $ 20,000,000

The pursuit of happiness – $ 20,000,000

I, Robot – $ 28,000,000

Bad Boys II – $ 20,000,000 + 20% revenue share

Men in Black II – $ 20,000,000 + 10% revenue share

Ali – $ 20,000,000

Legend of Bagger – $ 10,000,000

Wild Wild West – $ 7,000,000

Public Enemy No. 1 – $ 14,000,000

Men in Black – $ 5,000,000

Independence Day – $ 5,000,000

Bad Boys – $ 2,000,000

Made in America – $ 100,000
Life – A Six-Pack – $ 500,000

Street Children – $ 50,000

Amazing Facts

  •  Will Smith’s wife today was supposed to play his wife in “The Prince of Bel-Air”, but according to the series’ creators, she was too small for the role
  • Because of several donations and positive statements, there are rumors that Smith belongs to the Scientology movement. However, he himself refuses. 
  • The actor owns shares in Philadelphia’s basketball team.
  • Unlike many others in the industry, Smith’s rapper lyrics are large without vulgar language.
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