WPT Madrid Master 2022: Where To Watch Live Online and Schedules

WPT Madrid Master 2022: The World Padel Tour continues its march and this time it will do so with the Madrid Master of 2022. Here you will know each of the details about it.

For this month of September, the Caja Mágica is going to be the place where this long-awaited tournament will take place. More than 300 players will be measured and will show the best of them. Without a doubt, this tournament will be a show for everyone who can witness, which will feature great figures from the world of paddle tennis.

WPT Madrid Master, 2022: dates and tournaments established

The Madrid Master 2022 will be taking place this month, specifically from September 19 to 25. Here we leave you a table in which you will not only be able to observe the date of the next tournament to be played but also the rest so that you do not miss anything about it. 

Acapulco-exhibition From February 17 to 20
Miami Open From February 21 to 27
Reus Open From March 7 to 13
Vigo Open From March 21 to 27
Alicante Open April 4 to 10
Stockholm Open April 18 to 24
Brussels Open May 2 to 8
Copenhagen Open May 16 to 22
Marbella Master May 30 to June 5
Austria Open June 6 to 12
French Open June 13 to 19
Valladolid Master June 20 to 26
Finland Exhibition June 30 to July 3
Valencia Open July 4 to 10
Malaga Open July 18 to 24
Knocke Exhibition August 19 to 21
Portuguese Open August 29 to September 4
Sardinia Open September 5 to 11
Madrid Master September 19 to 25
Amsterdam Open September 26 to October 2
Santander Open October 3 to 9
Middle East (Country TBC) Open October 10 to 16
Menorca Open October 17 to 23
Malmo Open November 7 to 13
Buenos Aires Master November 14 to 20
Mexico Open November 21 to 27
Barcelona Masters Final December 15 to 18

Schedules Madrid Master 2022

As for the established schedules, they vary a lot, since it will depend on the site in which you enjoy the transmission. We invite you to enter the official website of the WPT Madrid Master, where you can see the local times of each tournament and thus know which one is in your country. Also through the online platforms that we will name later, you will be able to see the exact hours of each game.

Referees of the WPT Madrid Master 2022

Ramon Gomez | Vanessa Gonzalez | Juan Jose Moyano Vazquez | Susana Arroyo | Anthony Chavez | Jose Carlos Trillo | Ana I. Rodriguez | Jorge Ezquerra Lopez | Ismael Alvarez Diaz | Peter Romero | Francisco J Rodriguez Aparicio.

WPT Madrid Master 2022: Where to watch online

So that you can enjoy each of the WPT tournaments this year 2022, you will have a series of online platforms and sports channels. Here you will be able to enjoy your favorite games with excellent quality and you will stay informed so that you do not miss anything about it.

WPT Madrid Master:WPT Madrid Master 2022: Where To Watch Live Online and Schedules: reantimes.com
Source: padel-magazine.co.uk

Movistar Plus

This is a television platform owned by Telefónica that is dedicated to the transmission of a large amount of content, including sports. Here you will be able to enjoy Master Madrid 2022 without any inconvenience, from the hand of great experts. 

Today, Movistar Plus + is the subscription platform with the most users in Spain. That is why, if you are in this country, this could be one of your best options. Here you will see a large number of channels, including sports, series, movies, and much more. 

DirecTV GO

It is another great platform that provides streaming services, owned by Vrio Corp. If you are in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, and much of the Caribbean, then it is your best choice. Here, you will be able to enjoy its content and the WPT Master Madrid, through its applications, both for iOS and Android.

Sky Sports

It is among the group of television channels that offer sports broadcasting. Likewise, it will broadcast the WPT Master Madrid totally live. If you are in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and others, here you will see the transmission without any problem.


If what you want is to enjoy and be able to watch Master Madrid 2022 completely free of charge, then YouTube would be the ideal one. Here, through the official WPT channel, you will fully enjoy this and other tournaments live with excellent quality and good support.

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